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After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.

Director: Joe Johnston
Writers: Christopher Markus (screenplay), Stephen McFeely(screenplay)
Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Hayley Atwell
Language: English
Release Date: 27 July 2011 (Philippines)
Also Known As: Captain America

Taglines: Avenge

Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action

Source: IMDb

The last time I've seen a movie in 3d I said never again am gonna waste my money when it's just almost the same with the usual big screen. But this movie changes my mind about 3d. I guess you just have to choose well which one you're going to watch because Captain America in 3d was darn amazing. Maybe it's also because of the fact that we were sitting way to near so obviously it heightened the impact. We found ourselves gasping for breaths and moving away our heads practicing our reflexes involuntarily almost every time Captain America's shield were thrown. It almost felt too real that you have to look out so you wouldn't get hit. 

The movie indeed was done impeccably in terms of visual effects with the use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). You wouldn't believe that "Skinny Steve" is the same person in real life with the bulky Captain America. Yup, the Fantastic Four human torch Chris Evans.

“There was an awful a lot of work involved to make our main visual effect, ‘Skinny Steve’, the pre-rebirth Steve Rogers, before he is transformed into Captain America,” says Visual Effects Supervisor Christopher Townsend “We talked about using a CG head similar to what they had done with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [2008].” 

“It wouldn’t have served the purpose of the film and the purpose of the film is to get our actor, Chris Evans in this case, up on screen. We all wanted his performance to be there as much as possible. After much R&D we ended up with a 2D solution where we are literally mesh warping Chris Evans’ body and slimming him down, reducing his shoulders and arms, making his face more gaunt, thinning out his nose, making his chin more pointy, not quite an all American square jaw, and also making him shorter by about five inches.”
The movie isn't just good in VFX. It is actually one of the best if not the best action-hero movie you'll ever watch and it's for the whole family too even with PG-13 rating for some intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action. There are actually valuable lessons that all ages can learn and relate to in this movie. Like never giving up for your dreams and fighting for your beliefs no matter what and never forget those precious hero essential word "humility." 

My favorite scenes were actually those times that Steve Rogers ends up saying "Is this a test?" For those were we realized the best lessons the movie offers to the viewers that we should never judge anyone by their appearance. Those scenes were the happy ones too with punch lines like "He's still skinny." 

This is actually a feel good action-hero movie I must say. You'll find an occasional funny lines and thrown convincingly clever by the actors. I can still remember the line "Can please somebody give that kid a sandwich" and still smile just thinking about it.

Though obviously funny lines are mocking or sarcastic in nature but it was so subtle that you'll just find yourself laughing for it was all good pun for fun. It was actually sort of cliche already because it had been the common jokes for skinny people but it was written in a different light thus it strikes like something wittingly new. 

There's also a bit of romance. Poor Steve doesn't know how to deal or even talk comfortably with women. You can actually somehow felt how those couples felt twitterpated in each encounters. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is very charming with that vintage locks and red lipsticks and of course who wouldn't be mesmerized with Captain America's bod. It was said that he needed to gain over 20lbs of pure muscles just for the role but the production team had to use CGI because losing weight for the Skinny Steve was not too easy.

Chris Evans declined the role three times before accepting the part. After that, he had a meeting with the director and the producers who convinced him to take the role.

Then he said this huh? 

Chris Evans was attracted to the role of Captain America by its character: "Even if it wasn't a comic book. I think the story of Steve Rogers is great. He's a great guy. Even if it was just a script about anybody, I would probably want to do it. It wasn't necessarily about the comic itself. He's a great character to play; he just happens to be a comic book character."

Quotes I like from the movie:

  1. Steve Rogers / Captain America: 
  2. Why me?
  1. Dr. Abraham Erskine: 
  2. Because a weak man knows the value, of strength. Knows the value, of power.
Captain America/Steve Rogers: “I don’t want to kill anyone. I just don’t like bullies, no matter where they’re from.” 
Dr. Abraham Erskine: "Whatever happens, stay who you are...not a perfect soldier, but a good man."


Perfect 5. This is a movie where you can't find too many flaws that you won't forgive for if there's any that would be too trivial. Overall it's very entertaining and I must say no dull moments even during the slow conversational scenes for the story moves in fast, full, clever punny excitement. One that you'd liked to watch over and over without needing to fast forward on some dragging, boring parts.

The visual effects too contributed a lot to that very watchable and entertaining characteristics. You can say that a good VFX is something that doesn't look like it's VFX rather natural and looks more real. The actors too were all good especially the main character. You'll be convinced that he was that humble in the movie and yet come to remember Fantastic Four and how arrogant and boyish he was in that movie then it will just made you realized how good his skill in acting is.

There's just one thing that will make you ask why? Maybe it's just me but I've heard a few of the viewers said why did his best friend have to die? (Oops sorry, spoiler.) And some ask why it should be that way? It seems they wanted it to be more tragic perhaps. But I'm okay with that yet I prefer if he didn't have to die. (Oh, crap am I the only one who always want a happy ending? I guess not.)

Now if you haven't watched Captain America: The Avenger yet I say don't sleep and miss this one that you may end up saying "I was supposed to have a date." 

Can't wait for The Avengers...


Some side notes. We were able to watch this movie on its opening day last Wednesday thanks to Camarines Sur Medical Society who had a raffle event tied with this movie. My sister's boyfriend is a Med Rep that's why we got our free tickets. And darn someone won a brand new car that very night, lucky, lucky individual but I guess I am too since I'm there enjoying a movie for free. I think that's good enough for a day's blessing right? But I think I still prefer if I can rewind or put it to slow-mo to be able to write down my fave lines and I can pause it so I can go to the restroom for I've eaten way too much salty popcorn and drunk too much water while lying down on a couch stretching my limbs. Yeah got it right better at home, less crowd, more freedom but how about the 3d eh?

But still "The best things in life are free" huh? I guess you can say that again just don't ask way too much lol.

Mt. Isarog, Southern Luzon's highest forested peak, is a stratovolcano which is 1, 966 meters above sea level and located in Camarines Sur, Philippines. The mountain spreads out within Naga City and six municipalities namely Tinambac, Calabanga, Tigaon, Pili, Goa and Ocampo. (see Mt. Isarog National Park)

Mt. Isarog National Park actually caters for adventure junkie, environmentalist or just anybody who wants to enjoy the environment with luscious forest, wild life, beautiful scenery of natural falls and springs.

Mt. Isarog is actually a favorite destination of mountain hikers and trekkers or environmental folks for it has both the offering for thrill seekers and science studies for the different floras and faunas that can be found within the mountain.

My friends and I during high school frequented the Malabsay Falls which is very accessible since it's only  a few minutes jeepney ride from downtown Naga City and about an hour walk to reach the falls. I've been there quite so many times even during my college days just for the mere fun of hiking.

The last time I went there has been a long time ago and the last time I went mountain hiking was December of 2008 in Tarlac for my previous company's outreach program that's why when Ateneo Eagles, Inc. an environmental organization decided to have a Nature Trip & Clean-up Drive and chose Consocep I was actually hesitant at first.

Consocep is a barangay in the town of Tigaon, Camarines Sur hence the name Consocep Mountain Resort. I've been there quite a few times too and I must say it's always been a difficult hike for me compare to Malabsay, Nabuntulan and other falls. There's actually a pavement but what makes it difficult for me I guess is its steepness. But then I always come back and give it a go because of the waterfalls.

If you want to visit Consocep Falls from Manila  you can go by bus or by plane. Bus will take you 8 hours so I assumed you'll prefer to fly, right? You can book a flight to Pili Airport (the nearest one) or via Legazpi City Airport and that will only take less than an hour, more specifically 45-minutes for the former. From either of the two you need to have your own vehicle or rent a jeepney, van or taxi to get you to Consocep and fetch you right back.

This is the drop-off and pick-up point.
The Entrance Fee is only PHP 15.00 per person.
The hike is composed of minutes of walking up and down of these narrow almost 2000 steps.

Kawa-Kawa Falls is the easiest to reach. Most of the hike was downhill that you'll be adoring it soon enough without breaking a sweat. 

Kawa-Kawa is derived from kawali or wok because of its shape.
This is also the best spot to conduct group activities 
and picnics for the whole group or even families with little kids. 

It is just sad that with all the good things nature is giving us some people just don't care about caring back and doing more harm than good to the environment. We found all these trash all over the place despite the fact that there are available sacks just around the corner that serve as garbage bags or trash cans. 

After the group activity and lunch we head on to the next falls and we passed by this stone marking along with the tree house...

Climb at your own risk: The tree house is still fine but you have to decide 
whether you can handle going up  unstable stairs with missing steps. 

Bulalacao Falls: Bulalacao means shooting star. 
The falls was called "bulalacao" because of  the great impact and rapid fall of its water.

After swimming for a while off we go to the 3rd falls... Tumaguiti Falls is actually my favorite among the three because of the amazing view composed of trees, leaves and beautiful rock formation.

Tumaguiti or taguiti is the bicol term for drizzle 
and truly the water coming from the  falls are like droplets of rain.
We went back quarter to 4:00 in the afternoon just right on time for our service
and this is my last view from outside the Consocep Mountain Resort.

There are actually a lot of things Camarines Sur or Bicol in general has to offer not just wakeboarding or CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex.) I know I sounded like a travel ad there but well I'm just saying the truth and if you're a nature lover I'm pretty sure Mt. Isarog won't fail you.

Btw since I lack exercise for quite sometime now the hike had hurt my legs so bad that I wasn't able to walk perfectly again for about 4 days but it was worth it. I'm definitely going back whenever there's a chance and I know I badly needed to stretch out these limbs hehe

When was the last time you went into a nature trip or just stop for a while and smell the roses? (cheesy) I just meant to ask when was the last time you took the time to appreciate nature?

For more photos check out Speckles n Spectrum Facebook Page

Consocep Mountain Resort
Mount Isarog, Tigaon, Camarines Sur
Tel (c/o Provincial Tourism Office) (054)4773172
Cellular (0919)4227009

I woke up yesterday at about 4am and decided to go online to send a quick chikka message to anyone from my organization who's going with the nature trip and clean-up drive to inform that I'll be there right at 6am. Then when I checked my email I was surprised that it's full of notifications from bloggers.com. I was used to receiving friend requests or follow notifications but only up to 5 a day or one at a time for most days but not like this one that it came like my mail was hit by storm. (Ok, I'm exaggerating... haha) But well what can I do, I'm just a nobody, blogging about my life's nonsense therefore I was all wondering about how too many people (more than 10 is too many already for me) all of a sudden were noticing my blog. 

It turns out I was one of the three featured bloggers, listed in the Editors' Picks of the Day on Bloggers.com. I was totally floored. I didn't know how it happened. But then one of the email says "Congratulation! You are have been Featured on Bloggers." 

Honestly while I was hiking and enjoying the falls I kept on thinking about it. I already thank the site on twitter before I went hiking because it was just the right words that I can say at the moment. I was totally speechless. I wasn't expecting for this. People may say I'm overreacting on this one for there are already a lot of bloggers that are being featured everyday. But if you came to think of it there are millions of bloggers out there and it's one in a million that you'll get a chance on this one. Especially that I joined the site on April 23, 2011 and never really been active. I mean I only answer friend request and say hi to people that talk to me first which is another great thing about the site. 
Bloggers - Meet Millions of Bloggersbloggers.comBloggers Community: Know the best bloggers around the world, discover them and connect yourself with this friendly bloggers community.

I really don't know how people discover my blog but since I joined there's always one or two almost a day that say hi to me either through comments or pm. People are really that friendly which is another plus if you're a little shy or not just the type who initiate conversations which I am half of the time =)

I've been featured so what now? Dunno. Someone said he expect more and better from me... uh, oh. How am I be able to do such as that? This is pressure but I won't promise anything. I'm just going to continue being myself and discover life as it is while trying to do better each day. I'm still praying so hard about the last one for my stubborn head. 

Anyways, I'm already happy just blogging but more so when someone lurks in my blog or simply take their time to say hi so even though this may comes out like bragging but I'm humbly posting this to say thank you for the time considering wasting a minute or two in this blog. 

And before I totally forget July 15 was my blog's monthsary. I started this blog on March 15, 2011 so being featured has been a great way to celebrate this plus I already have a Google page rank. I have a lot of things to be thankful for yesterday was such a very blessed Friday indeed. 

How about you? What are the things you're thankful and grateful for the last Friday or anything for these past few days? 

101 Truths About Me: #7 When I'm bored I get creative.

Yes, I'm using a twitter hashtag and using yesterday's trending topic #wheneverimbored for my post title. How creative or bored is that? Haha

But unlike others who'd like to waste their time in filling their tummies with booze and get high on drugs being bored sometimes is an advantage for me because it seems whenever I feel bored my thinking caps work double time and my creative juices flow naturally and ebb the boredom. (Actually what I do whenever I'm angry is almost synonymous to what I do when I'm bored. I've learned to don't let people and situation get the best out of me instead I make the most out of circumstances.)
I have become my own version of an optimist... Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present. -Joan Rivers
I'm not really the type of person who gets bored most of the time because when ever I'm bored I always think of a lot of stuff to do like blogging, play dress-up, cook, eat, talk to people, take pictures, surf the web, cut my hair, oh well the possibilities are endless. 

This blog is a real proof of that boredom. This is boredom's brainchild. I have nothing to do for a while so I thought why not create something out of this overflowing boredom inside of me. Let that infested feeling turn to a pro-active stuff like a blog that my hypothetical kids and grandkids would somehow have to remind them of me when I'm already decaying. 

This happens to turn out to something bigger than I was expecting. I'm gaining new friends while learning and sharing my own ideas to the vast world of people over the internet. 

As I was really very bored yesterday and still a bit pissed about letting myself be affected and ended up having a Bad Day I ended up mingling for a while in the tweets and tweeting some too:

#wheneverimbored i pumped up some music, eat some food, surf the web and blog some more =)
#wheneverimbored i talk to random people and disturb them haha

And I definitely agree on this one by @Eric_DonDivaMag:
#WheneverImBored I hop on Twitter with the rest of the bored people

And as you can see I just personalized my blog design and I decided to create a Facebook page  after seeing the title of a Copyblogger article. Yup and I already made a page without reading the post. (I've bookmarked it and so I've read it before I started typing this very sentence haha.) It's all worth it I have a kick ass welcome landing page as well though not too many likes yet =(  I'm bad in promoting stuff I actually only ask once for people to take a look at it and as usual I don't force anyone to like the frakkin' page. But hey if you're bored enough maybe you can check out my fruit of boredom here

Tell me what you think about it and maybe you can click that frakkin' Like button, just saying hehe.

Original Photo/template created by Ray Creations and tweaked by yours-truly to my liking =)

According to wiki:

Pasta tossed with cheese and butter has a long history both in Italy and abroad. 
It was popularised amongst US tourists in Rome by restaurateur Alfredo di Lelio who served it with his own name attached:
Fettuccine al burro is associated in every tourist's mind with Rome, possibly because the original Alfredo succeeded in making its serving a spectacle reminiscent of grand opera. 
The restaurant's story is that the dish was invented by di Lelio at his restaurant Alfredo in 1914 as a variation of fettuccine al burro


This is my very own rendition of Fettuccine Alfredo except I used linguine instead of Fettuccine. I was getting bored of the usual tomato pasta so I've tried to do a white one enough of the red for a while, let's get on with the milky white. Yep this one is still healthy and will pass for vegetarian, no meat but still very tasty.

Speckled Alfredo

1 clove chopped garlic
1 whole chopped white onion
2 cans Century Tuna
4 packs of Nestle Cream
1 can Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 soup can milk
Parmesan cheese

450g grated Eden cheese
1 small can mushrooms sliced
500g pack of Linguine or Fettuccine 
salt and white ground pepper

How to mess it up: 

1. Cook noodles according to package instruction.


2. Meanwhile in a small bowl combine mushroom soup and milk.


3. Add butter in a heated pan. When garlic is golden brown add the white onion then the tuna. 

You can add more butter and try to stir fry the tuna until dried.
Toss the mushrooms. 
Stir-fry it as well then add the oil drained from the tuna flakes for more flavor. 
Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste.


4. Pour in the milk and soup mixture in Step 2. 


5. Add the grated cheddar cheese. 


6. Mix the noodles in or you can just individually pour the sauce for each plate or serving. 

But if you think the sauce is limited go ahead
just toss it all with the noodles  to have evenly  distributed sauce.
But I prefer pouring sauce for every individual serving.

7. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top and decorate it with parsley.

Best serve while hot and eaten the same day it was cook.

I'm literally having a bad day but I don't want it to get the best of me today. 
I just hope the negative vibes go away and leave me in peace.
I sorta hope this song helps brighten my day =)
I'm not going to rant anymore, enough of that I sort of did already on my fb 
and I made 2 new quotes, saying or whatever out of the matter:

Dream stealers are almost twins with crab mentality

If only we can sell walking Tupperwares, 
Philippines would have been the richest in the world, 
we've got oversupply here.

Good day!

Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. 
It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon.

Music: Anywhere Is 
Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya

Finally another outfit post. I decided it's time for me to share some from my fashion blog since this one has a cause and not all just self-improvement and being fashionable. 

What do you think it means to live sustainably?

A. Living within Earth's limits
B. Reducing our impact on the earth's resources
C. Making lifestyle and consumer choices to limit our use of resources
D. Living more simply
E. Taking care of nature so nature can take care of us
F. Meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs
G. Creating a balance between our natural systems, our economic system and our social system
H. All of the above

"Sustainability is the ability to meet present needs without damaging or depleting the environmental, economic or social resources that future generations will need."

Source: heathcote.org

I'm an environmentalist and I support Sustainable Living through my own little way. People need not be someone big or join a pageant and pretend they care for the environment for the sake of getting the crown or whatever. It doesn't need to be that grand to contribute in Saving Mother Earth for our simple little ways can actually make a difference. (see Earth Hour)


I'm doing my part by using a reusable sack bag
for shopping, grocery or any other stuff instead of plastic bags.


I bought this reusable shopping bag in 2009 in Greenhills 
and until now I still have it and I promise to remind myself to use it every time from now on.



Yep I just pledged to buy second hand 
but I've been doing it for years already so that's no sweat and it's cheaper too.
Plus I love vintage and cheap finds so what's not to love about Ukay?
Except for the smell but we can all handle it, I know that all too well.
As they say "Living cheap is the new green."


But I still say it's not being cheap, it's being wise with your resources:
Quality + Affordability = Value
Now add being Green and you just added some purpose in your existence =)






101 Truths About Me: #6 I love to cook.

I consider myself as an occasional cook because there's a part of me that's a wannabe chef... hehe

Hmmm... let me just copy+paste here what I wrote in my fb album with the same title:

Occasional Cook (wannabe SHIyfT!) 
I heart making ordinary days extra special in simple ways :) This is where I post my culinary mess. Occasional cook because I only cook when there's an occasion and when I feel like there is an occasion even during ordinary days and the rest don't ask me to do the cooking I'm simply incapable :)

As a child I've always been interested in cooking. I've learned to cook through my father whom I call Papa. Like me he was an occasional cook, meaning we cook only when there's a special occasion. (Sorry I got weird vocabulary and I have my own made-up dictionary... ha ha)

My father was a lavish party thrower and he loved food so much. I grew up exposed in his cooking. You can't make him cook when there's no happening or event but he likes to celebrate every occasion in our life be it a birthday, anniversary, winning a contest, getting awards or perfect a test, recognition day, and of course fiesta and holidays and yeah, I just have to add winning cockfights and mahjong.

He loved entertaining people and when you say feast, it meant feast. The most extravagant party I can remember was his birthday (I'm not really sure about the exact age maybe somewhere around 42) but he had turbo broiled the same number of native chickens with his age that time plus a whole Lechon and other main dishes which were all his favorites. And I never had a problem with those list of his fave food because everything is simply delicious but Mama isn't feeling the same way about it for they're all not on the cheap side and it's all bad for his health.

Main dish cooking background came from Papa and baking and desserts knowledge came from Mama. We sell the most expensive Ice Candy in our town when I was still in grade school. Avocado flavored, 1 piece is 5 pesos, regular Ice candy price that time would be 1 or 2 pesos but we do that only during summer. That's our way to consume our avocado supply coming from our vacant lot.

I remember helping out in the kitchen when I was little and we were fond of cooking shows. I always love watching people cook be it on the telly or up-close. And even then I already have that habit to decorate and present our ordinary food in a different way. From the very start I'm a creative person and I guess will always be and I like aesthetics everywhere even for my food. Sometimes they like what I do to the food but I have lots of disasters.

I remember one time I added the whole bottle of Cheez Whiz into a freshly cooked rice and served the rice whole upside down like a cake and placed a candle in the middle even if there's no occasion whatsoever. Everything went orangy cheesy. It was disgusting we needed to cook another pot of rice to replace what I just ruined. But I got the cheese sauce idea on the telly, darn that's why never trust much the ads they are misleading and mostly meant to persuade but don't live up to their promises.

But even then I never been discouraged about cooking. I like it as a once-a-while hobby. Some days I like to cook almost everyday, some days I don't even want to be in the kitchen.

Oh before I forget I actually have a sort of formal education about cooking besides winning 2nd place for 2 consecutive years representing our school in a district cooking contest with a classmate when I was in grade school we had some cooking lessons too in a subject called T.H.E. (Technology and Home Economics) but very minimal. Then some more during college under a livelihood subject but this one I didn't pay much attention to it I let my best friend do the cooking and I did the eating... haha

But still I am not a professional chef nor a cook. I cook when I want to and I'm never an expert. I'm actually hesitating in telling people that I've studied and have a certification in a 1-month 5-days a week Culinary Arts class in an organization rooted from Germany for its founder is Father Adolph Kolping hence the name  Kolping Society Philippines, Inc. because I don't want them to expect too much on my cooking.

It was a commercial cooking class and the menu were Filipino food and the main objective is how to commercialize it. I've learned from it a lot. It made the food cheaper in cost through quantity but not cheap when it comes to taste for it retains almost the same taste as the original recipes.

But I'm not into cooking Filipino food (not that I don't like it) but most of them are actually too tedious to make and so better if I just buy it since it's pretty available anywhere here. That's easier to do - just buy it, cheaper and even tastier than my cooking most probably... less hassle. Though I can cook some if ever I want to but only some of my fave like adobo.

My cooking mantra is affordability, quality and time-saving. So I prefer to cook meals that are easy to prepare and less hassle and now I just added healthier. I'm starting to get serious being vegan but not that hardcore. I'm just willing to give up meat for now. So expect vegan recipes from me from now on. I'm actually formulating my own recipe. Well I have to because I don't have much resources so I only cook things that are present in our fridge. I am combining the same ingredients over and over creating different one each time to satisfy my fickle taste-buds without spending a fortune.

When my mother was away for about 2 weeks I was having a vacation grande  as well at home by feasting nearly everyday with pizza... haha

I was able to come up with my own pizza recipe or at least combination of ingredients for my personal pizza. And yep, it's healthy as usual. That's actually one of my reasons why I like to cook because I can choose what to put in what I eat plus the fun of cooking by unleashing my creative side. It's just simply fulfilling. 

For this pizza I used tofu instead of meat and it comes out just perfect. By the way, I cheated on the pizza crust. I just bought it. Why do I have to bother myself making one when it's easier and cheaper to buy a ready made, right? But if you'd like to make one I won't stop you... hehe

Pizza Spectrum

pizza crust
tofu (cubed or sliced into tiny bits)
butter or oil
pineapple tidbits
Del Monte Gourmet Beef & Mushroom Pasta Sauce
1 green bell pepper
Edam cheese

How to mess it up:

Photobucket1. Pre-heat your oven at 375 F (190 C) for 20 minutes. 

2. Lay your pizza crust in a baking pan.

3. Spread the tomato sauce evenly on top of the crust. You can actually use any kind of brands of tomato sauce but I prefer Del Monte's Gourmet selection since it has already that distinctive classic taste that you don't need to add anything because the sauce is complete in itself.

4. Add the grated cheese. For this particular recipe I used Edam cheese since that's what we have available. Though it's perfect since it's a bit salty so it became also a substitute for salt.

5. Meanwhile, fry the tofu in butter or oil. I prefer the tofu almost grounded for it's more crunchy and will appear and taste like unsalted chicharon. But if you don't like crunchy you can just slice it into cubes and don't over fry it so this way it will taste and feel like meat. Then sprinkle it on top of the crust.


6. Add the remaining ingredients: cucumber, mushrooms, pineapple, and bell pepper and manage to decorate the pizza as well while adding them. Then sprinkle the grated mozzarella on top.

7. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until crust is brown.  Then serve with hot sauce or ketchup. 

I like mine with a refreshing cold fresh milk =)

I just had my midnight snack again after a long while not craving for anything to eat in these wee hours. I'm back being a nocturnal being again these past few days so this is like lunch for me now but I don't plan to do it on a regular basis. They say it's bad to eat at night for weight and health reasons but then how about those people who treat day as their night and vice versa? Anyhow I've no idea how to answer that.

While having my midnight snack I got a light bulb above my head and thought of posting a sort of nostalgic stuff. I actually got this idea from a fellow Pinoy blogger named NoBenta who post anything he loves about the 90s. But hey I actually have a category called Reminiscin' before I even got to read his blog and his Balik-Tanaw entries. Yet I've to say I'm still inspired by his blog so now maybe I'll try to have Saturday as my flashback day. But if I can't help it I'm going to go down memory lane any day I like or maybe not... Good idea or let's just stick to whatever is up in my mind at a certain moment... haha

Now can you still remember the good ol' pancit canton days?

I first got addicted to it when I was in high school. It was my sort of comfort food. I had it 3 or more times a day depending on the mood: breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks again, dinner, midnight snacks and of course for pulutan haha.

I especially prefer the spicy kind and I used to eat it with cheese and then Jufran sweet chili sauce for the crackers. How weird is that?

I was still addicted to it when I was already working in Makati but with chopsticks... hehe


I don't know what's with chopsticks but it seems it's more tasty and appealing with chopsticks...


For now I'm addicted to herbs: oregano, thyme and basil so I added some to oomph the aroma, texture, appearance and of course the taste...


I'm no longer addicted but still it is as delicious as before and having it once in a while is still that fulfilling...
Now I'm ok with this combo.

So have you been addicted to any kind of food that you want to eat it almost everyday? What is it and how'd it go? Do you still crave for it once awhile?

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