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After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.

Director: Joe Johnston
Writers: Christopher Markus (screenplay), Stephen McFeely(screenplay)
Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Hayley Atwell
Language: English
Release Date: 27 July 2011 (Philippines)
Also Known As: Captain America

Taglines: Avenge

Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action

Source: IMDb

The last time I've seen a movie in 3d I said never again am gonna waste my money when it's just almost the same with the usual big screen. But this movie changes my mind about 3d. I guess you just have to choose well which one you're going to watch because Captain America in 3d was darn amazing. Maybe it's also because of the fact that we were sitting way to near so obviously it heightened the impact. We found ourselves gasping for breaths and moving away our heads practicing our reflexes involuntarily almost every time Captain America's shield were thrown. It almost felt too real that you have to look out so you wouldn't get hit. 

The movie indeed was done impeccably in terms of visual effects with the use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). You wouldn't believe that "Skinny Steve" is the same person in real life with the bulky Captain America. Yup, the Fantastic Four human torch Chris Evans.

“There was an awful a lot of work involved to make our main visual effect, ‘Skinny Steve’, the pre-rebirth Steve Rogers, before he is transformed into Captain America,” says Visual Effects Supervisor Christopher Townsend “We talked about using a CG head similar to what they had done with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [2008].” 

“It wouldn’t have served the purpose of the film and the purpose of the film is to get our actor, Chris Evans in this case, up on screen. We all wanted his performance to be there as much as possible. After much R&D we ended up with a 2D solution where we are literally mesh warping Chris Evans’ body and slimming him down, reducing his shoulders and arms, making his face more gaunt, thinning out his nose, making his chin more pointy, not quite an all American square jaw, and also making him shorter by about five inches.”
The movie isn't just good in VFX. It is actually one of the best if not the best action-hero movie you'll ever watch and it's for the whole family too even with PG-13 rating for some intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action. There are actually valuable lessons that all ages can learn and relate to in this movie. Like never giving up for your dreams and fighting for your beliefs no matter what and never forget those precious hero essential word "humility." 

My favorite scenes were actually those times that Steve Rogers ends up saying "Is this a test?" For those were we realized the best lessons the movie offers to the viewers that we should never judge anyone by their appearance. Those scenes were the happy ones too with punch lines like "He's still skinny." 

This is actually a feel good action-hero movie I must say. You'll find an occasional funny lines and thrown convincingly clever by the actors. I can still remember the line "Can please somebody give that kid a sandwich" and still smile just thinking about it.

Though obviously funny lines are mocking or sarcastic in nature but it was so subtle that you'll just find yourself laughing for it was all good pun for fun. It was actually sort of cliche already because it had been the common jokes for skinny people but it was written in a different light thus it strikes like something wittingly new. 

There's also a bit of romance. Poor Steve doesn't know how to deal or even talk comfortably with women. You can actually somehow felt how those couples felt twitterpated in each encounters. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is very charming with that vintage locks and red lipsticks and of course who wouldn't be mesmerized with Captain America's bod. It was said that he needed to gain over 20lbs of pure muscles just for the role but the production team had to use CGI because losing weight for the Skinny Steve was not too easy.

Chris Evans declined the role three times before accepting the part. After that, he had a meeting with the director and the producers who convinced him to take the role.

Then he said this huh? 

Chris Evans was attracted to the role of Captain America by its character: "Even if it wasn't a comic book. I think the story of Steve Rogers is great. He's a great guy. Even if it was just a script about anybody, I would probably want to do it. It wasn't necessarily about the comic itself. He's a great character to play; he just happens to be a comic book character."

Quotes I like from the movie:

  1. Steve Rogers / Captain America: 
  2. Why me?
  1. Dr. Abraham Erskine: 
  2. Because a weak man knows the value, of strength. Knows the value, of power.
Captain America/Steve Rogers: “I don’t want to kill anyone. I just don’t like bullies, no matter where they’re from.” 
Dr. Abraham Erskine: "Whatever happens, stay who you are...not a perfect soldier, but a good man."


Perfect 5. This is a movie where you can't find too many flaws that you won't forgive for if there's any that would be too trivial. Overall it's very entertaining and I must say no dull moments even during the slow conversational scenes for the story moves in fast, full, clever punny excitement. One that you'd liked to watch over and over without needing to fast forward on some dragging, boring parts.

The visual effects too contributed a lot to that very watchable and entertaining characteristics. You can say that a good VFX is something that doesn't look like it's VFX rather natural and looks more real. The actors too were all good especially the main character. You'll be convinced that he was that humble in the movie and yet come to remember Fantastic Four and how arrogant and boyish he was in that movie then it will just made you realized how good his skill in acting is.

There's just one thing that will make you ask why? Maybe it's just me but I've heard a few of the viewers said why did his best friend have to die? (Oops sorry, spoiler.) And some ask why it should be that way? It seems they wanted it to be more tragic perhaps. But I'm okay with that yet I prefer if he didn't have to die. (Oh, crap am I the only one who always want a happy ending? I guess not.)

Now if you haven't watched Captain America: The Avenger yet I say don't sleep and miss this one that you may end up saying "I was supposed to have a date." 

Can't wait for The Avengers...


Some side notes. We were able to watch this movie on its opening day last Wednesday thanks to Camarines Sur Medical Society who had a raffle event tied with this movie. My sister's boyfriend is a Med Rep that's why we got our free tickets. And darn someone won a brand new car that very night, lucky, lucky individual but I guess I am too since I'm there enjoying a movie for free. I think that's good enough for a day's blessing right? But I think I still prefer if I can rewind or put it to slow-mo to be able to write down my fave lines and I can pause it so I can go to the restroom for I've eaten way too much salty popcorn and drunk too much water while lying down on a couch stretching my limbs. Yeah got it right better at home, less crowd, more freedom but how about the 3d eh?

But still "The best things in life are free" huh? I guess you can say that again just don't ask way too much lol.

4 Thoughts:

Can't wait to see this movie. A month ago I was able to watch the thriller and had this question why he looks skinny. Now I know because of 3d.

My sister actually told me after watching the movie that it was edited but I said maybe they conducted an audition to find someone for the skinny steve for the VFX was too flawless that it seemed it was indeed another person. 

i already saw this movie wating for the next adventure.. episode :)

hehe paralimos huh? am a scavenger tabla-tabla 

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