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August yey. It's 30 minutes past 1 in the morning, it's Monday here. I know I'm supposed to have this posted by Sunday but it's Sunday in some parts of the world so it doesn't matter right? Haha

I've been sick for almost 3 days now, colds, runny nose and high fever. I'm feeling awful and I'm glad my mother brought me some seafood to cook because I'm also getting sick eating broccoli and lettuce almost everyday for about 4 months now since she went back from NZ. Didn't I tell you she enjoyed her travel there very much that she wanted to at least do some of the stuff especially the food she ate even back here. Thank goodness because she suddenly appreciates fresh milk, cheeses, pasta and a lot more that I was trying to convinced her to like way back. But broccoli and lettuce everyday is just too much especially it's cook the same way everyday only some other days she had meat, then for some days she uses tofu. It's delicious but because of excessive repetition it's getting bland and tasteless for my taste-buds. I actually have a choice to cook my own food and I do that once in a while.

This shellfish is called Punaw in our language and known as cockles. It's very cheap 1 pack is only 10 pesos, I got 2 packs for this recipe. This is my own rendition of a  family recipe I've learnt to cook when I was a kid so this is really very easy to do and very healthy too.

Speckled Cockles

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
red onion
Cockles (Punaw)
black pepper
ginger diced
1 ½ cup of water
3 pcs calamansi

How to mess it up:

1. Make sure to wash and clean the cockles with water then drain afterwards.

2. Pour just a little amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a heated pan. 

3. Saute garlic until golden brown before adding onions and ginger.

4. Add the cockles and toss it along with the first ingredients while adding just a tiny slice of butter for more flavor. 

5. After a while of tossing pour in the water. In low-medium heat let it simmer and wait until all shells had opened.
Opening of shells means it's cook.

6. Add the extracted calamansi juice. Make sure to mix it well.

7. Season with salt, pepper and herbs. For this recipe I used thyme, basil and oregano to kick-up its taste. 

Enjoy best while hot. 

* We usually cook this with green papaya but we don't have it available the day I cooked this but still it's pretty delicious and comforting on its own.
* Ginger is essential for it helps eliminate the fishy smell and taste of seafood (according to my mum.)

This is actually the same with my mum's favorite Geewan's Sinigang na Punaw (I've mentioned in Just Another Day) which cost way a lot cheaper when you cook it at home though mine was pretty plain so you can toss some more veggies you'd like to add with this recipe too.

Oh if you're wondering why the cockles were too cheap it's because my mum got it from Tinambac, our old town which is 45-minutes by car and almost an hour by commute from Naga City, seafood is really very inexpensive there and fresh too. I might as well right something about that place one of these days.

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