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Started the day at 10am, it's still pretty early for me for I usually wake up around 2pm or 4pm but then I've tried to sleep early last night before 12 midnight...  hehe Well, I don't usually sleep at night I am a nocturnal being had always been since college days and it's still true up to now.

It's my mom who had waken me up because she's been too excited about her visa application and wanted me to scan her documents and email it right on the dot. She even missed work just to make sure I'll do it for her today but she's using being dizzy still about her UTI as an excuse instead.

We had a stroll then downtown... bank, drugstore, fruit vendor...

My mom raised her eyebrows for these junks but I've protested that I haven't had one junk for months now and I promise that this will be eaten spread-out over the days of this month so cool... approved then but with lots of grunting and nasty comments from her :)

Ate at our fave local resto which offers the best local delicacies...

Balanced diet (is a must now, sigh)... all these with one cup of rice and lots, lots of water... 

Sinigang na punaw (seafood), some veggies and sweet & sour pork 

This was the first time that we ate at the 2nd floor so I wasn't able to discover this until my mom went to use the wash room at the 3rd floor. This little piece of art is hanged on the right wall of the stairs heading to the 3rd floor...
Made of bamboo and every piece looks like a sort of flute and painted with different designs from top to bottom.

I'll google this artist later...

My mom can't start a week without a parlor visit so while she had her mani and pedi... I got my haired shampooed just to have something to do and also it needs it too since it's getting a little oily and felt heavy :)

Checking if it looks fine now :) Well, my hair is hopeless... haha

Heading to the boutique we've discovered these:

This is the oldest of all Biggs' Branches... that's bad.

As well as Banco Filipino... so yes, the rumor is true.

Dropped by at Blue Pearl Boutique...  (see Cats Are Missing so Mice Will Play for the story)

Finally went home...

Tofu and buchi for snacks :) 

jonavie or nene, my late sister's god daughter

And there goes my first junk... Wild Willy's Real American Chicharrones: Leslie's Newest Snack ...tsk.tsk.

It's something I'll be looking forward to buy every time I'm in a grocery store... crunchy and yummy just like how Chicharrones should be  :)

2 Thoughts:

pa bwisita lang abby hehehehe! kakamiss ng bicol foods.. hay..

ayos lng welcome ang mga bwisita igdi... magluto ka na lng jan kakanon bikol... ano naluto mo na si tigtukdo ko saimo na bulastog? hehe

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