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My sister and her fiancée are out-of-town on a Cebu vacation so my mom decided to check the stores if everything's fine there.

As usual we found Jay's brother texting like forever and Tita Fe tending the stores...



And as always we messed up the display and tried everything we like  :)
 (I'll post only some of the pics since my mom didn't approved every photo of her :)

And since nothing really fits me I just settled for this one bag I love... I wanted to buy it but well, I agree with my mom it's not too practical since I won't use it that often for I don't get out much and when I do I don't like to bring anything just a few bucks and keys even wallet I don't carry that... but still it might be of use comes special occasions... hmmm... if no one buys this it means it's waiting for me to get her... hehe maybe I can even have it as a freebie by then... wish, wish, wish... patience brings good things... crossing my fingers now.

It's a Gucci Replica: looks like a native bag with detailed golden brown embroidery so chic and classy. The ribbon could be detached and you can use it as a scarf instead.

Ukay store. (2nd-hand garments)

Don't worry Plus size girls we'll have something for us but it will be too limited since most of the clothes available from the source stores don't have much for our size... yes, too bad but somehow there are a few items available for our size... I got one here last december :)

It's really not so easy to be in this size specially if you live in a country where most girls are petite, you get discriminated even with the availability of clothes sizes... it means a lot. That's why I get most of my home clothes in the Ukay section and it comes for free... and that's one good thing being a plus size but there aren't too many reasons left for me to be glad being one but I am accepting it anyways I have no other choices but I'm not saying I'm not doing anything to get back into shape... just you wait.

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