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101 Truths About Me: #7 When I'm bored I get creative.

Yes, I'm using a twitter hashtag and using yesterday's trending topic #wheneverimbored for my post title. How creative or bored is that? Haha

But unlike others who'd like to waste their time in filling their tummies with booze and get high on drugs being bored sometimes is an advantage for me because it seems whenever I feel bored my thinking caps work double time and my creative juices flow naturally and ebb the boredom. (Actually what I do whenever I'm angry is almost synonymous to what I do when I'm bored. I've learned to don't let people and situation get the best out of me instead I make the most out of circumstances.)
I have become my own version of an optimist... Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present. -Joan Rivers
I'm not really the type of person who gets bored most of the time because when ever I'm bored I always think of a lot of stuff to do like blogging, play dress-up, cook, eat, talk to people, take pictures, surf the web, cut my hair, oh well the possibilities are endless. 

This blog is a real proof of that boredom. This is boredom's brainchild. I have nothing to do for a while so I thought why not create something out of this overflowing boredom inside of me. Let that infested feeling turn to a pro-active stuff like a blog that my hypothetical kids and grandkids would somehow have to remind them of me when I'm already decaying. 

This happens to turn out to something bigger than I was expecting. I'm gaining new friends while learning and sharing my own ideas to the vast world of people over the internet. 

As I was really very bored yesterday and still a bit pissed about letting myself be affected and ended up having a Bad Day I ended up mingling for a while in the tweets and tweeting some too:

#wheneverimbored i pumped up some music, eat some food, surf the web and blog some more =)
#wheneverimbored i talk to random people and disturb them haha

And I definitely agree on this one by @Eric_DonDivaMag:
#WheneverImBored I hop on Twitter with the rest of the bored people

And as you can see I just personalized my blog design and I decided to create a Facebook page  after seeing the title of a Copyblogger article. Yup and I already made a page without reading the post. (I've bookmarked it and so I've read it before I started typing this very sentence haha.) It's all worth it I have a kick ass welcome landing page as well though not too many likes yet =(  I'm bad in promoting stuff I actually only ask once for people to take a look at it and as usual I don't force anyone to like the frakkin' page. But hey if you're bored enough maybe you can check out my fruit of boredom here

Tell me what you think about it and maybe you can click that frakkin' Like button, just saying hehe.

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