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I woke up yesterday at about 4am and decided to go online to send a quick chikka message to anyone from my organization who's going with the nature trip and clean-up drive to inform that I'll be there right at 6am. Then when I checked my email I was surprised that it's full of notifications from bloggers.com. I was used to receiving friend requests or follow notifications but only up to 5 a day or one at a time for most days but not like this one that it came like my mail was hit by storm. (Ok, I'm exaggerating... haha) But well what can I do, I'm just a nobody, blogging about my life's nonsense therefore I was all wondering about how too many people (more than 10 is too many already for me) all of a sudden were noticing my blog. 

It turns out I was one of the three featured bloggers, listed in the Editors' Picks of the Day on Bloggers.com. I was totally floored. I didn't know how it happened. But then one of the email says "Congratulation! You are have been Featured on Bloggers." 

Honestly while I was hiking and enjoying the falls I kept on thinking about it. I already thank the site on twitter before I went hiking because it was just the right words that I can say at the moment. I was totally speechless. I wasn't expecting for this. People may say I'm overreacting on this one for there are already a lot of bloggers that are being featured everyday. But if you came to think of it there are millions of bloggers out there and it's one in a million that you'll get a chance on this one. Especially that I joined the site on April 23, 2011 and never really been active. I mean I only answer friend request and say hi to people that talk to me first which is another great thing about the site. 
Bloggers - Meet Millions of Bloggersbloggers.comBloggers Community: Know the best bloggers around the world, discover them and connect yourself with this friendly bloggers community.

I really don't know how people discover my blog but since I joined there's always one or two almost a day that say hi to me either through comments or pm. People are really that friendly which is another plus if you're a little shy or not just the type who initiate conversations which I am half of the time =)

I've been featured so what now? Dunno. Someone said he expect more and better from me... uh, oh. How am I be able to do such as that? This is pressure but I won't promise anything. I'm just going to continue being myself and discover life as it is while trying to do better each day. I'm still praying so hard about the last one for my stubborn head. 

Anyways, I'm already happy just blogging but more so when someone lurks in my blog or simply take their time to say hi so even though this may comes out like bragging but I'm humbly posting this to say thank you for the time considering wasting a minute or two in this blog. 

And before I totally forget July 15 was my blog's monthsary. I started this blog on March 15, 2011 so being featured has been a great way to celebrate this plus I already have a Google page rank. I have a lot of things to be thankful for yesterday was such a very blessed Friday indeed. 

How about you? What are the things you're thankful and grateful for the last Friday or anything for these past few days? 

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Thank you =)

Congratulations, dear! :)

I just followed your blog. Awesome posts!


Thanks =)

Congrats! You deserve the attention- for this excellent blog- you managed to keep it cool! :)

Thank you for your kind words. Glad to meet you on bloggers =)

Conratulations! I'm also member of Bloggers and I can really determine the algorithm they used in order for you to be on spotlight! BTW nice blog.

Yup I recognized you we're actually friends on Bloggers and I've lurked on your site quite a few times. 

Thanks I'm humbled to know I've passed whatever algorithm that might be hehe

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