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It was almost too late for me to make an entry and join this contest. I wasn't aware that campaign ads had been in my blog since April 8, 2011. Last week I've noticed that at midnight McDonald ad is popping out in my sidebar Nuffnang ads so was Sun Broadband at the bottom of every page.

Based on Nuffnang rules that they are adding ads according to what suits your blog best having McDonald and Sun with the tagline "Find your fun" is so much flattering for me. (Sorry I'm a newbie on ads that's why it makes me happy having these on my blog.) It's overwhelming for the fact that they actually wanted to be seen side-by-side with my nonsense rants, wee. So I was all happy with that but Wait, there's actually more... (I remember all of a sudden the Shop TV line that I actually love to watch before even if it's all reruns... yeah, my kind of fun haha)

When I've checked my list of ads I've discovered that Levi's has been in my metered campaign since April 18, wth? And that came along with this Roadwear "Your Journey" promo... darn. How did I possibly miss all this stuff huh? May 31 yes that's today (12:10AM here already) the last day of submission of entries... whew! Talk about beating the deadline.

After learning this I immediately created an entry and wasted 12 hours for it. My movie maker stopped responding the first time so there goes my 7 hours down the drain and bye bye hard work. I've started over and rush things up and even though I wasn't able to recreate the first work I was able at least to make something decent for the final entry.

But I'm not much proud of my final work, my brain got stuck and it seems I've forgotten a lot of things to add and I don't know where'd my pretty original quotes went during the making of this entry... hay =(

Ops, I'm fraking selling my self short again, aren't I? I'm supposed to ask you to like my entry so let's just pretend you didn't read what I've written up there... haha

And one more thing, the hassle to vote... at least I'm giving you the warning if you ever want to really help me win this Levi's Roadwear promo but I have a solution for that so it will be easier and you won't get lost on the website.

Here's my detailed photo instructions, if you still get lost after reading this, I don't know what to say... hehe

Please click the photos to enlarge it.

Go to Levi's Roadwear website

It was a mistake that I've uploaded 2 entries but just choose the first one.

SKIP THIS STEP means less hassle =)

Please like my entry once a day until the contest end. 

Don't forget here's the website http://www.levisroadwear.com/ph/promo/
And type in the search box: Maria Kristina Abiog

This is actually the first time I've plea for help for a contest... hehe (see the Category for this entry to help you realize hehe) I wanted it so badly because winning this will save my rooster piggy bank from breaking and it will help a lot in my blogging. This is like the shortcut to my wishlist so please be kind Help a scavenger in need. ;)

To be fair here's my entry you might want to watch it first so you can decide whether you'd like to vote for it so you can avoid all the hassle on checking the Levi's site.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and grateful in advance for you likes =)

Violent reactions  (lol), comments, suggestions are always welcome. It may hurt my sensitive feelings but well everyone needs a constructive criticism, right? And I actually need it badly PMs are good too for some of you aren't comfortable using the comment box. I can keep a secret, trust me on that =)

What's up with the spectrum? Nothing, nothing except for a great lull. I've attended a blogging class and so I've discovered as I always know that I still got a lot to learn. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

I was a bit discourage to be honest. Everything seemed wrong and I wanted to start from scratch but then I chose to lie-low for a while, to breath and think it over. Maybe my blog wasn't that bad at all, my alexa rank is actually pretty fine to think this blog is just 2 months old and oh I just discovered that my site has a good rating based from a small number of votes with avast. Darn, it isn't that bad after all. But then I still don't feel that great, I'm still a useless person for some people that I think will never find anything good about me whatever the circumstances are. Ops, ops negativity again.

This is why I'm starting to get away from blogging for a while, at least the real blogging... opinion, rants, personal thoughts kind of blogging which I want to stop for a moment.  I'm becoming a drama queen in writing, hush, hush... maybe that's why a lot of my real-life acquaintances are backing off. I don't say much but well, I notice and I'm not a dumb ass, it's not being paranoid but I've got instincts you know? Blocked fb, private walls, deleted from my family's clan in fb group, wth? I'd like to ask what did I frakin do to actually deserve that?

Because you blog about things they will never understand and you write honest things that they will never admit even for themselves, said my brains.

Honestly, I'm hurt but then I am never the type who will wallow on things like that. On the other hand it means someone's paying attention. It must be a delight for me but well NO, I don't really blog because I seek for attention. Well, this is something only bloggers and hobbyist will understand. For me, I do this to saturate my need for an outlet to be creative and to think but if people like what I do, visitors are always welcome. It's my pleasure to entertain you then with my nonsense LOL.

My real-life circles' reaction are mostly negative base from that maybe because they are taking things too personal maybe a little paranoid that for some reasons my thoughts here are a product of my interaction with them. Yes and No. There are some but not everything is about them. Remember these are actually my introspection in life, my opinions and I never said that my truths should be everyone's truth. It can't be and it can never be. But this is actually a good sign for when there's a resistance it only means I've taken my grounds. I'm not a push-over, blinded follower on where the hypes going to lead the pack.

But still it's a shame, have I gone overboard on my opinions or did I spam my fb wall with egoistic, negative, obtrusive, foul nonsense? I know some are super sensitive like someone who I will never name here. I was even told that I'm not aware of my bad side. My eyes rolled upon hearing this? Really, like really? I am not? Darn, if only you take sometime reading my blog and you can find all the negative things you don't know that I shove almost everyday to my face. Maybe then you'll tell me the opposite of that. maybe you'll say I'm not aware of what's good about me.

But then I am surrounded by people who never see any good about me so it's never a surprise. That's why I'm actually changing my self-approach I gotta learn to see at least some good about me or no one will. I actually know my limitations, when someone jokes, you laugh and kid with them but make sure it will never be below the belt, it's called tact. I don't treat people in a hierarchy, I hate caste system. I treat each one like every other person who deserves to be treated well though I'm a little impatient when it's my mother. (Please understand I've had enough of her non-stop nagging though I genuinely miss her when she's not around) And well, I'm extra kind with kids. Some people likes to throw personal bad jokes but never knew how to take one back. Throwing fires but don't want to take one in return but obviously if you start one, almost always it will backfire right?

Sometimes it's funny that people think blogging is a rich people thing and being opinionated makes you a sort of know-it-all which I'm neither. It is a pity that some choose to be silent and afraid to mingle and explore every opportunity because they lack money. I am not rich too but that never hinders me to be creative and stretch out and make the most of what I have at the moment. You know being happy and grateful for what you have is very different for being contented. For if you are contented it means you are putting an end to every possibility. You stop dreaming and you get stuck there. But then if you are thankful and grateful for what you have you actually think of things to do and make the most out of it. You give back by enjoying life and becoming creative. That's the least I can do for now, I am not a hero, not even aiming to become one, I never consider myself righteous, I'm never good nor perfect but I just want to share that I am a mess but striving to be at least a one hot mess by living the way I am and never like any other. This is my garbage, you might pick something to recycle here or just a fair warning so you won't get the same dirt with me.

Now, now I'm wandering again in thoughts. yes this post is actually getting nowhere that's why it is called a rant, right?  So where am I? Oh still here on earth, darn!

Someone asked what happened to my blogging schedule. I realized it won't work for me because there are times that I wanted so badly to blog but then I got that stupid programming so I can't post anything unrelated to it thus instead of being productive I've shoved tons of ideas in oblivion. (I'm a stickler for rules especially my own rules that's how I discipline myself and I'm such a self-disciplinarian when I say this, SELF you really need to do this, talk about contrasting personality, huh? But that's how I get out of my vices: chain-smoking, drinking, partying and all)

Why not just save it and schedule it's publishing you may ask. It's something I still need to learn, I mean I know how to schedule a blog post but I can't get on the thought that I may not be feeling the same thing when I finally publish that post. It's actually a big deal for me to post things during the time that I want to post it and how I feel towards it at that time. Why because I'm an avid reader of my blog. The top reason why I write this is because it is for me, yeah, yeah selfish I know. But still I want it that when I reread it I can remember my exact feelings on the date and time of that certain post. Weird but well, I'm like that so just forget it.

Now, I'm still stubborn because I won't apply all of the things I've learned in the blog class. I don't want to be like everyone, I want people to relate to my blog somehow and identify with my experiences but I don't really want to be or do what everyone's doing like we need to wear some kind of uniform to show that we're on a team.

I'm grateful for the learning from the SITS class, I learned a lot but I'm keeping my individuality after all this is my blog and in Speckles n Spectrum I rule! But thanks, thanks much for all the lessons at least I've improved. It's really hard to bend an old tree and hard to teach a bad dog. Sorry for the trouble, lol. But I'm still part of the group and hope to participate in every possible way.

Btw as you can see from a previous post I'm venturing in another interest - fashion blogging, more things to learn, study, experiment, etc. I'm always hungry for new things and ways to squeeze my creative juices. I will never be too good for everything but still it will never hurt to start and try. A baby will never learn to walk, if he chose to remain seated and never get the courage to stand, take baby steps and let go. It's a hobby for chrissake, chill, you can try too if you want. Don't be too hard on yourself, enjoy life. It's too short to spend it in insecurity. I'm a plus size but I'm comfortable with my skin, it's a lot better than a slim who constantly compare themselves to supermodels. But I do want to lose some weight too for health reasons but not yet. Maybe some other time... hehe

And I really don't know why my title is "the lazy days bug" have I written anything that can actually be related to that? Oh crap never mind too lazy to think for another title now =)







    NZ, in JEWELRY



    NZ, in JEWELRY

I have 2 names but one of them I share with my 2 sisters so I just pick my 2nd name to go with this activity. But I'm getting second thoughts because the other name connects me to an expensive car Mercedes benz and this one I'm stuck with a Kia model, no choice at all. I'd like the idea of having a beautiful car even if it's just in my dreams and this test still won't let me have it... huhu (got this game from my fb friend)
It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question."

1. What is your name : Kristina

2. A four-letter Word :  Kiss

3. A boy's Name : Kenji

4. A girl's Name : Katy

5. An occupation : Killer

6. A color : Khaki

7. Something you'll wear : Kashieca

8. A school subject: Kinetics

9. Food: Kebabs

10. Something found in the bathroom: Kleenex

11. A place : Kenya

12. A reason for being late : Kindle reading

13. Something you'd shout : Keep out!

14. movie title : King Kong

15. Something you drink : Kool-aid

16. A musical group : Korn

17. An animal : Koala

 18. A street name : Kamias

19. A type of car : Karnival

20. The title of a song : Karma Chameleon 

A veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet.

Director: Francis Lawrence
Writers: Richard LaGravenese (screenplay), Sara Gruen(novel)
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz
Language: English, Polish
Release Date: 4 May 2011 (Philippines)
Also Known As: Agua para elefantes

Taglines: Life is the most spectacular show on earth.

Genres: Drama
Rated: PG-13

Source: IMDb

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I'm neither but in this movie Pattinson had tidy up playing Jacob, a veterinary medicine student who hitch up on a circus train upon his parents death. He took a job as a vet for the circus and fell in love with Marlena (Reese) who's married to his dangerous boss (Christoph).

Jacob: I don't know if I picked that circus. But something told me that circus picked me.

I personally chose to feature this over the fast cars or the epic to get away from the hype of those movies and I like romance not particularly dramas but still Reese is in this. Plus this is based from the novel of Sara Gruen with the same title.

If you like classic tales of love this is a go-see movie for you. It is sort of presented like The Titanic in a way that an old Jacob is telling the story through a series of memories and a sort of The Notebook feel with the '30s as the backdrop and a circus.

I like the Marilyn Monroe-ish look of Reese here (although a little too skinny I guess), the blond curly hair, beautiful sexy dresses especially the white halter bare-back with the glittery shoes and the bangles. And it's a plus that she's actually doing some gymnast moves in this.

Since they're all working for The Benzini Bros. so expect stunts, costumes, and animals of course. A circus wouldn't be a circus without them and the title wouldn't be Water for Elephants without a real elephant. And Tai plays Rosie as a replacement for the white horse hoping that she'll sell tickets and liven up the circus.

There's an exciting scene at the end of this movie but I'm no spoiler so just guess who killed who?

This is my fave quote from the movie:

The world's run on tricks everyone plays. It's having a true talent a gift born with in  something no degree can give you.

4 stars out of 5 for a touching story. However it lacks on screen chemistry with the lead roles to be too convincing as a romantic pair, Jacob - Rosie or Marlena - Rosie are better pairs rather than Jacob and Marlena but the story, the setting, and the elephant makes up for it.

"She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances," 

says the president of the Catholic League.

The tune features lyrics like: "I want to love you,/but something’s pulling me away from you/Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to….I’m just a holy fool,/ oh baby he’s so cruel,/ but I’m still in love with Judas, baby.”

I don't know about you but the first time I read these lines during Holy Week through someone that said the song lyrics are disturbing her, well, I thought so too. But rereading it again now and listening to the song as well as doing some research on how people view it hmmm... I think I just changed my mind about the song. (see some buzz about this here and views here.)

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Gaga but I sometimes like to listen to her songs when there's nothing left to be played in my favorite playlist and I like the message of "Born This Way." Though I like how free-spirited she is and how she breaks social norms and being so brave to stand-up and be unique in a world full of confinements and stereotyping. Less to say I admire the boldness and freedom she's exuding but I'm waiting for her to drop the wild fashion sense and start being subtle in terms of clothing. Costumes for performances and music videos are fine but for shopping or everyday wear uh, uh. I know she's doing it to attract attention and she's great in getting people's attention. I even read once somewhere that she used to go bare-naked while playing her piano in a New York stage just so her audience will focus on her. I know it's her thing and that's what makes her unique but she's famous now I think she can return to earth and for christ'ssakes live like a real human. And if she's really aiming to be a role-model of the youth, and I guess she's already is for some well, it's just right for her to start thinking about how influential she is in today's children's mind and start living and doing it right.

So Judas is just another interesting song with a catchy beat that I wouldn't mind to listen to once in a while. About the lyrics, it seems the church is just being a baby with this. Being so touchy about the matter that it was purposefully release during the Lent but it's not really mocking anything. For me the song is just like a sinner's confession of trying to be faithful and good but being affected by demons. Admitting those stuff in a song is not a mortal sin, it is way better than priests molesting children and hiding in their holy cross and still preaching about loving them in God's way. What do the church do about this? Well, they just shuffle the parish assignments of the offender and keep them out of public view. Now those are the things they needed to comment on, as for this talentless gaga as they said but stirring controversies on their church, this is nothing compare to their inside controversies so I might say who are the real hypocrites then?

growing, maturing, nurturing…
sometimes i just want to stop breathing maybe i haven’t felt being truly alive…
maybe all of these are just make believe…
(photo credit)
i am lost in my own time…
or maybe i’m just wasting my time…
i feel i dont belong here…
i am not for this…
maybe i’m still a person waiting to be full grown…
wandering in deep woods for i am lost…
wherever it may leads me someday i may say…
i’ve been around for the journey but i am searching for my destination…
i’m getting tired wandering around the bush… i want to get there if i can then i will…

This is weird but with all my blog categories I actually find it most difficult writing about myself. To think this is my first week of blog programming and I'm already having a hard time coming up for today's personal post... darn.

It's really hard to write especially if I'm so darn happy. Happiness blurs my thinking caps. Although I wanted to avoid negativities in my blog and I like to write about happy thoughts but writing in a state of bliss is not much too ideal for coming up a sensible post. But I have to stick to my rules and I'm going to try and brake barriers on my writer's block today.

I slept it through and now what? Still struggling for this post. I'm thinking of just posting a Osama Bin Laden is Dead entry but I don't really like posting things in my blog just for the sake of ramping up my blog traffic. I admit there are things I copy and pasted from other websites for the sake of establishing a reference and I don't write things that isn't in my interest or I haven't carefully analyze. It's nice to increase your page views but I won't really stoop down to that level of degrading myself on just riding on with the hype. Besides there are no elaborated facts to prove this for now and the news said President Obama will give a statement later today about the matter.

And this is what differentiate my blog from other bloggers and I'm proud of it. I'll make sure that what I have here are things that you won't see in just another website by providing original content whenever possible. I've read in another blog that you will rarely see a blog or a post titled "My Life" get high page views but I really don't care. I won't exchange my values for the price of web traffic, I'm blogging for personal reasons but if people like to visit my blog it's all fine with me and it's a plus if they took some time to comment on my entries. I'm extra grateful for that.

Hmmm... ok, I'm just going to make this all fun and light so anything sensitive and personal you might find here just shrugged it off and laugh about it for all wounds are healed so no worries I find it all just good to reminisce and smile about. Maybe we can all learn a few things on these, hope so.

Since I'm all set for fashion blogging I'd like to talk about why on earth would a plus size like me wanted to join the army of skinny fashion bloggers? Disclaimer: I'm not joining the LookBook. I like checking it out but I don't think I'm up for that challenge: everyday look post, branded stuff, different places, poses, etc. And I can't find someone who would like to do the photography for me of course for free, I won't really waste money for this and for the fact that I'm not good in projecting in camera unless I'm the only one in the room that's why my better pictures are all taken by me. Besides I think those are for model wannabes and well, they all look like real models and most of them are anyways. Didn't I tell you I am more of a photographer wannabe and I like to be The Sartorialist one day. (Oops this is supposed to be a secret, sorry it slips) Street Fashion watch in Bicol. Watch out people, hope you won't think I'm a weird stalker taking your pretty photos.

Why Fashion blog?

Simply because I'd like to make a point that size doesn't matter, ok, fine it does sometimes but hey, that's why I'm here. I'm going to prove that being a plus size doesn't mean you'll get stuck in a plain old boring men's shirt, big pants and shorts outfit and fashion isn't just for people with dollars on their pockets. Being you is priceless and creativity doesn't cost much. So live life and celebrate the beauty of it. Take it from me, I've learned that in a hard way.

I once been too depress about my size last year and I know that many too are experiencing it so I'd like to be brave enough to let others know that they're not alone on the battle. People always talk about changing yourself but you can never deal or fix something if you're not going to face it first. Exercise might be a solution but it won't be in some extra cases so the best advice I can actually offer is acceptance. Acknowledging the fact and dealing with it by making the most of the situation.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass It's about learning to dance in the rain

When I was 55kg and measures 34-27-38 people were teasing me that I'm fat. Now that I almost double that stats they're all like "Oh my you're so fat." So what's the fuss then? The only difference is the word "SO" and yes SO what? I'm still prettier than most of you. I can always choose to start loosing weight but you can never fix your fugly faces in this lifetime. (Oops, crap. Shut up you wench. Ha ha. I sounded like a self-absorbed overweight piece of sheyt.)

Well this is what they say about me "you're pretty, you just need to lose weight." At least now I know that they actually find me pretty. On second thoughts maybe it's just a consolation not to hurt me much. Pretty to sugar-coat the word Fat. Honestly, this doesn't bother me anymore. But I won't be a hypocrite I still want to lose weight of course but I always joke about it when told to exercise "Yeah, I will tomorrow, not now because it's already late in the day."

Last year, my big 2010 where I fattened up like a pig I got too depressed that just after 3 months of hibernating my favorite clothes don't fit anymore. Right now let's live in the present tense shall we? I've gathered myself and face the odds. Sold my pretty clothes (hu hu) and start hunting for plus size fit. I'm a plus size, overweight, obese, fat, anything you would like to call it but it won't stop me for being myself and enjoying the world. I embrace what's now and I make the most of what's at hand. I'm raising the plus size banner and waiving the freedom flag. Forget about those who'd like to discriminate and make fun of our size, they're not worth it. It's either they can't afford to buy food, they're bulimic or they have their metabolism working so fine but don't envy them they probably don't have a life too that's why they waste time and keep picking on you.

Just for the record there are Size Zero debates going on in the Fashion World. They are banning size zero models and preferring healthy looking models now. (see Skeletons on the Runway) But this still doesn't eliminate the truth that I need to lose weight but it sure is better for every women for we can't all be skinny as hell like those professional models but we can always be ourselves and dress up like real humans.

I haven't seen real plus size fashion blogger yet if there's any those were people that write about fashion but never really post their own pictures... why is that? I don't know.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional stylist, fashion editor or whatever fashion guru people you have there. My fashion blog will just be a personal stuff. I'd like to collect things for everything about fashion, tips, dresses, styles and anything goes. I'm also going to post a lookbook-ish entry every 3rd Wednesday of the month, please be kind to my plus size post. Hear this "I am not a Model, I'm just a bad role model." (another crap, sorry, can't help being bitchy...hehe)

When someone says "How do you actually manage to carry yourself in that dress?" I simply say because this is me and I love being me. When am I supposed to dress this way? When I'm all wrinkled and 60? I don't think so. It's not like I'm showing too much skin. I know the rules so I won't make that mistake of breaking it.

It's a given fact that I am fat but it's an accomplishment and my sort of good deed for myself that I can look good in any size I'm in. It's better to be fat and fashionable than skinny but fugly. There's no excuse for not loving yourself.

(photo credit)


I change my mind about lookbooking and I've searched for plus size bloggers and I've found about 31 present in Lookbook and a few more in Chictopia and I was like, so I consider myself plus size? Darn, they're really huge, so ok, I'm petite plus size compare to them bahaha...

But it's so fun looking at big girls with pretty fashion sense and oozing personality. I know it needs guts to be out there and it takes a lot of 'em.

Kudos to all the big girls celebrating life and fashion! Cheers!

The clock strikes 12 and it's May. Yippee fiesta month and as promise I'm going to start getting serious on food blogging. Wish me luck. I would like to establish my background about food. I've been eating since I can remember... he he Seriously, main dish cooking background came from Papa and baking and desserts knowledge came from Mama. (more about that on my personal blog post)

So here's my own version of Campbell's Northern Style Lasagna converted into a baked mac for quantity purposes. This is a more budget friendly recipe and twisted to Filipinos taste buds but if you would want to have the original recipe feel free to message me.

Baked Mac n Spectrum

3 tbsp cooking oil
5 tbsp butter (optional)
1 clove chopped garlic
1 whole chopped red onion
2 pieces diced green bell pepper
750g Del Monte Tomato & Cheese Pasta Sauce
½ kg ground beef
10 pieces thinly sliced Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog (optional)
1 can Campbell's condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 soup can milk
450g grated Eden cheese
200g grated Magnolia Quickmelt
2 packs of 500g Colavita Penne Rigate or 1 kg Del Monte elbow macaroni
salt and black ground pepper 

How to mess it up:

You can fill 2 of these containers
using 1 kg Del Monte elbow macaroni 
1. Cook noodles according to package instruction.
2. In a small bowl combine Mushroom Soup and milk.
3. In a heated pan pour cooking oil, add the onions when garlic is already golden brown. In low-medium heat cook the hotdogs while adding the butter. When hotdogs are all bright red and cooked add the ground beef. Cooked until meat is browned and is thoroughly cooked and no pink remains, stirring once during cooking to separate meat. Seasoned with black pepper and salt. Stir in spaghetti sauce, let it simmer then add the soup mixture in Step #2. 
4. Add all the Eden cheese to the sauce. Stir to make sure that it melts and well distributed within the mixture. Taste your sauce and then seasoned with salt if you think it needs a little more pinch of it.
5. Turn off the heat and add the green bell pepper, set aside at least ¼ for toppings.
6. Add the noodles into the sauce and pour it into a baking pan. Top it with the quickmelt and sprinkle the remaining green bell peppers. Make sure it is evenly distributed and more cheese added the better looking your baked mac will be.
7. Baked for at least 30 minutes at 375 F (190 C) or until the top cheese melted. 

* You can substitute hotdogs with mushrooms.
* This dish taste improves better even after 3 days stack in your fridge. Just reheat it in the microwave and add quickmelt on top if you prefer having every serving with food presentation and add your garlic bread then It's good to go.

2 packs of 500g Colavita Penne Rigate will make 2 servings of this.

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