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This is weird but with all my blog categories I actually find it most difficult writing about myself. To think this is my first week of blog programming and I'm already having a hard time coming up for today's personal post... darn.

It's really hard to write especially if I'm so darn happy. Happiness blurs my thinking caps. Although I wanted to avoid negativities in my blog and I like to write about happy thoughts but writing in a state of bliss is not much too ideal for coming up a sensible post. But I have to stick to my rules and I'm going to try and brake barriers on my writer's block today.

I slept it through and now what? Still struggling for this post. I'm thinking of just posting a Osama Bin Laden is Dead entry but I don't really like posting things in my blog just for the sake of ramping up my blog traffic. I admit there are things I copy and pasted from other websites for the sake of establishing a reference and I don't write things that isn't in my interest or I haven't carefully analyze. It's nice to increase your page views but I won't really stoop down to that level of degrading myself on just riding on with the hype. Besides there are no elaborated facts to prove this for now and the news said President Obama will give a statement later today about the matter.

And this is what differentiate my blog from other bloggers and I'm proud of it. I'll make sure that what I have here are things that you won't see in just another website by providing original content whenever possible. I've read in another blog that you will rarely see a blog or a post titled "My Life" get high page views but I really don't care. I won't exchange my values for the price of web traffic, I'm blogging for personal reasons but if people like to visit my blog it's all fine with me and it's a plus if they took some time to comment on my entries. I'm extra grateful for that.

Hmmm... ok, I'm just going to make this all fun and light so anything sensitive and personal you might find here just shrugged it off and laugh about it for all wounds are healed so no worries I find it all just good to reminisce and smile about. Maybe we can all learn a few things on these, hope so.

Since I'm all set for fashion blogging I'd like to talk about why on earth would a plus size like me wanted to join the army of skinny fashion bloggers? Disclaimer: I'm not joining the LookBook. I like checking it out but I don't think I'm up for that challenge: everyday look post, branded stuff, different places, poses, etc. And I can't find someone who would like to do the photography for me of course for free, I won't really waste money for this and for the fact that I'm not good in projecting in camera unless I'm the only one in the room that's why my better pictures are all taken by me. Besides I think those are for model wannabes and well, they all look like real models and most of them are anyways. Didn't I tell you I am more of a photographer wannabe and I like to be The Sartorialist one day. (Oops this is supposed to be a secret, sorry it slips) Street Fashion watch in Bicol. Watch out people, hope you won't think I'm a weird stalker taking your pretty photos.

Why Fashion blog?

Simply because I'd like to make a point that size doesn't matter, ok, fine it does sometimes but hey, that's why I'm here. I'm going to prove that being a plus size doesn't mean you'll get stuck in a plain old boring men's shirt, big pants and shorts outfit and fashion isn't just for people with dollars on their pockets. Being you is priceless and creativity doesn't cost much. So live life and celebrate the beauty of it. Take it from me, I've learned that in a hard way.

I once been too depress about my size last year and I know that many too are experiencing it so I'd like to be brave enough to let others know that they're not alone on the battle. People always talk about changing yourself but you can never deal or fix something if you're not going to face it first. Exercise might be a solution but it won't be in some extra cases so the best advice I can actually offer is acceptance. Acknowledging the fact and dealing with it by making the most of the situation.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass It's about learning to dance in the rain

When I was 55kg and measures 34-27-38 people were teasing me that I'm fat. Now that I almost double that stats they're all like "Oh my you're so fat." So what's the fuss then? The only difference is the word "SO" and yes SO what? I'm still prettier than most of you. I can always choose to start loosing weight but you can never fix your fugly faces in this lifetime. (Oops, crap. Shut up you wench. Ha ha. I sounded like a self-absorbed overweight piece of sheyt.)

Well this is what they say about me "you're pretty, you just need to lose weight." At least now I know that they actually find me pretty. On second thoughts maybe it's just a consolation not to hurt me much. Pretty to sugar-coat the word Fat. Honestly, this doesn't bother me anymore. But I won't be a hypocrite I still want to lose weight of course but I always joke about it when told to exercise "Yeah, I will tomorrow, not now because it's already late in the day."

Last year, my big 2010 where I fattened up like a pig I got too depressed that just after 3 months of hibernating my favorite clothes don't fit anymore. Right now let's live in the present tense shall we? I've gathered myself and face the odds. Sold my pretty clothes (hu hu) and start hunting for plus size fit. I'm a plus size, overweight, obese, fat, anything you would like to call it but it won't stop me for being myself and enjoying the world. I embrace what's now and I make the most of what's at hand. I'm raising the plus size banner and waiving the freedom flag. Forget about those who'd like to discriminate and make fun of our size, they're not worth it. It's either they can't afford to buy food, they're bulimic or they have their metabolism working so fine but don't envy them they probably don't have a life too that's why they waste time and keep picking on you.

Just for the record there are Size Zero debates going on in the Fashion World. They are banning size zero models and preferring healthy looking models now. (see Skeletons on the Runway) But this still doesn't eliminate the truth that I need to lose weight but it sure is better for every women for we can't all be skinny as hell like those professional models but we can always be ourselves and dress up like real humans.

I haven't seen real plus size fashion blogger yet if there's any those were people that write about fashion but never really post their own pictures... why is that? I don't know.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional stylist, fashion editor or whatever fashion guru people you have there. My fashion blog will just be a personal stuff. I'd like to collect things for everything about fashion, tips, dresses, styles and anything goes. I'm also going to post a lookbook-ish entry every 3rd Wednesday of the month, please be kind to my plus size post. Hear this "I am not a Model, I'm just a bad role model." (another crap, sorry, can't help being bitchy...hehe)

When someone says "How do you actually manage to carry yourself in that dress?" I simply say because this is me and I love being me. When am I supposed to dress this way? When I'm all wrinkled and 60? I don't think so. It's not like I'm showing too much skin. I know the rules so I won't make that mistake of breaking it.

It's a given fact that I am fat but it's an accomplishment and my sort of good deed for myself that I can look good in any size I'm in. It's better to be fat and fashionable than skinny but fugly. There's no excuse for not loving yourself.

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I change my mind about lookbooking and I've searched for plus size bloggers and I've found about 31 present in Lookbook and a few more in Chictopia and I was like, so I consider myself plus size? Darn, they're really huge, so ok, I'm petite plus size compare to them bahaha...

But it's so fun looking at big girls with pretty fashion sense and oozing personality. I know it needs guts to be out there and it takes a lot of 'em.

Kudos to all the big girls celebrating life and fashion! Cheers!

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Sometimes its not about the size, it how you dress and the self- esteem in loving yourself for what you are. The picture says it all.

I think so too but it's not the case for most people. And it's extra difficult living in a country of petites and everyone prefer skinny than with a little extra but in my case I know I need to lose weight for health reasons yet I'm still too lazy to work on that so I'll just enjoy this size for now.

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