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It was almost too late for me to make an entry and join this contest. I wasn't aware that campaign ads had been in my blog since April 8, 2011. Last week I've noticed that at midnight McDonald ad is popping out in my sidebar Nuffnang ads so was Sun Broadband at the bottom of every page.

Based on Nuffnang rules that they are adding ads according to what suits your blog best having McDonald and Sun with the tagline "Find your fun" is so much flattering for me. (Sorry I'm a newbie on ads that's why it makes me happy having these on my blog.) It's overwhelming for the fact that they actually wanted to be seen side-by-side with my nonsense rants, wee. So I was all happy with that but Wait, there's actually more... (I remember all of a sudden the Shop TV line that I actually love to watch before even if it's all reruns... yeah, my kind of fun haha)

When I've checked my list of ads I've discovered that Levi's has been in my metered campaign since April 18, wth? And that came along with this Roadwear "Your Journey" promo... darn. How did I possibly miss all this stuff huh? May 31 yes that's today (12:10AM here already) the last day of submission of entries... whew! Talk about beating the deadline.

After learning this I immediately created an entry and wasted 12 hours for it. My movie maker stopped responding the first time so there goes my 7 hours down the drain and bye bye hard work. I've started over and rush things up and even though I wasn't able to recreate the first work I was able at least to make something decent for the final entry.

But I'm not much proud of my final work, my brain got stuck and it seems I've forgotten a lot of things to add and I don't know where'd my pretty original quotes went during the making of this entry... hay =(

Ops, I'm fraking selling my self short again, aren't I? I'm supposed to ask you to like my entry so let's just pretend you didn't read what I've written up there... haha

And one more thing, the hassle to vote... at least I'm giving you the warning if you ever want to really help me win this Levi's Roadwear promo but I have a solution for that so it will be easier and you won't get lost on the website.

Here's my detailed photo instructions, if you still get lost after reading this, I don't know what to say... hehe

Please click the photos to enlarge it.

Go to Levi's Roadwear website

It was a mistake that I've uploaded 2 entries but just choose the first one.

SKIP THIS STEP means less hassle =)

Please like my entry once a day until the contest end. 

Don't forget here's the website http://www.levisroadwear.com/ph/promo/
And type in the search box: Maria Kristina Abiog

This is actually the first time I've plea for help for a contest... hehe (see the Category for this entry to help you realize hehe) I wanted it so badly because winning this will save my rooster piggy bank from breaking and it will help a lot in my blogging. This is like the shortcut to my wishlist so please be kind Help a scavenger in need. ;)

To be fair here's my entry you might want to watch it first so you can decide whether you'd like to vote for it so you can avoid all the hassle on checking the Levi's site.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and grateful in advance for you likes =)

Violent reactions  (lol), comments, suggestions are always welcome. It may hurt my sensitive feelings but well everyone needs a constructive criticism, right? And I actually need it badly PMs are good too for some of you aren't comfortable using the comment box. I can keep a secret, trust me on that =)

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Hope you win!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

Hope so too.

No, thank you for letting me part of the linky =)

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