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In a country who loves basketball it is just so right on time for Naga City to introduce a new game to the locals. Football isn't really that new. We've heard it from Europe and other parts of the world and some Filipinos are already playing it for years now but there's never really an official competition conducted for the love of football.

(Photo and Quoted Text source: Naga City Inter-Barangay Futsal Tournament Official Facebook Page)
Futsal, from its Spanish term Futbol (football) de Sala(indoor), is a type of football game where it is played indoors. It is a 5v5 format, which means 5 versus 5 players, where players will wear rubber shoes since it will be played not on the field but rather on a cemented/wooden floor. Special rules will apply for this type of football and a ball different from the regular football type will also be used, a smaller (size 4) and less bouncy ball. (see FIFA's About for Futsal)
Participants of tournament will come from the 27 Barangays that composes the City of Naga. The tournament will be available for Men and Women with the following age brackets: Under13, Under19, and Open.
The tournament will be held at LCC Naga located in Barangay Sabang, Naga City- a one-ride away from Centro. The tournament will commence on the 23rd of May 2011 and is projected to end on June 4, 2011, every 3:00PM until 8:00PM from Monday to Saturday.

Kudos to the City Government of Naga and to the organizers of this event for this is the first ever in the Philippines Inter-barangay Futsal Tournament. This will be a doorway for talented kids we have in the community for Football is a game where Filipinos can excel and be competitive even in the International scene or whatever --- this is fun, so let's just have some clean fun and say "NO TO DRUGS."

Hail Football and cheers to the future Azkals of the Philippines.

p.s. I've attended the opening program but forgot to post this immediately. Sorry for the late feature but you still have a chance to watch until June 4, better late than never  =)

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