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Here I go again feeling like I need to explain to myself everything but well I'd like to point out my inconsistencies. This is actually what's good about having a journal because you can go analyzed better. For some wondering for the eccentricities here, this blog is a sort of diary where I talk to myself, go crazy, write my idiosyncrasies so don't be shocked if one day you read stuff like I hate myself, I hate my mum then all of a sudden I'm happy and I love everything.  I'm no longer angsty or broken I am just blogging and Newsflash it's just normal to have conflicts, be sad or angry once in awhile, duh. I know I will forever be a stained glass, with little cracks or maybe scars that will always be inside my heart but that's where I get my strength and my learnings in life so it's just fine. It's what fuels my creative side too and the reality that artists or creative people are always more vulnerable.

As I reread my entries I figured I've got inconsistencies with my point of view about "contentment." One post well thought of and written then the other one rushed. But I think I have 2 different meanings for the word, depends on the situation which isn't so clear to me up to this moment so I can't still write about it. I'll have to figured that out one day ;)

Another one my Vyou (can be pronounced as vee-you or like view, i personally prefer view) responses. I said I don't drink softdrinks but someone offered me Coca-Cola the other day and I'm a happy camper so I'm fine with anything. One confession (call me a cheapskate) but I prefer POP haha. It's actually beginning to be a habit of mine that when I drop-by at my sister's boutique I'm always craving for it. Yes the 20-peso worth of cola. I know I have to stick more often to no-softdrinks rule or else hello diabetes.

Then my answer to "Are you a Fashionista?" No. But the truth is the answer should be Yes and No. I dress according to my mood and not according to the hype but as I've said I like to check out what's new too and hope to pick up something that will enhanced my style. Yet I'm not like the type that says let's go rush to the mall and buy that new stuff instead I hit mine or my mum's closet and try to search for something that may resemble the new. That's why I'm a vintage girl and I'm so grateful for living in this era where you can be anything you want, dress up or dress down and everyone can have their own style without being out of fashion. So personally I am not a fashionista but because I'm helping advertise my sis' store and they sell the latest fashion therefore that makes me one.

One more thing while I can still remember it. The Lookbook, oh yeah, the lookbook, so what happened to am not gonna join the lookbook aby? Hehe I lied. Everybody lies, according to 100 days to Heaven. (I'm such a fan, sorry I just have to add that.) Hmmm... I just changed my mind because I sooooooo want the widget in my blog. Yeah I know what you're gonna tell me, shallow but hey to each its own, it makes me happy. I heart the widget so I have to join the lookbook to get it and I need to upload ugly photos of mine to make it work. Who cares if no one hype my look, I still have my widget hehe.

And I said I'm going to be consistent now. Well, well, well I am consistent, aren't I? I am consistent in being inconsistent FML... ops, just kidding hehe

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