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Woke up at 4am, brekkie with mum's super green veggies (broccoli, lettuce and moringa leaves ), showered and  start my early morning neighbor disturbing sound trip. At least my music isn't noise, it's not like I'm still into Korn, Rage against the Machine or the likes so my mum's even singing along with Glee's "Just the way you are" to think she's always the first person who doesn't like full blast stereos.

Then I thought I want to blog about another song now, knowing me it's not something new, I am always nostalgic most of the time now... oh, no I'm getting old, yeah, yeah. I always hear myself saying now when I was a kid or something like that. In fact, I was talking the other day to a little girl and she said she wanted to grow up already and wear lady dresses and I told her not to hurry growing up, enjoy playing and being a kid because when she's already my age she'll regret not doing all of that, as if I wasn't able to play a lot when I was little... hehe

But I think there will always be a part of me that will remain a child whatever age I may be. I like the simplicity, the peacefulness you see in every kid and I like how they seemed to be happy about little things.  The genuine smile and laughter you get out of simply getting candies. I like that, I wish everyone retains that despite the virus called growing up. Yeah, virus lol.

This song isn't really about being a kid but I loved watching this on MTV when I was in high school. I remember I didn't leave home not after I've seen this in Most Wanted (that's why I'm almost always late if not late or super late, sorry teachers hehe)

Hhmmm, I'm not a fan of Madonna. This is actually the only video and song I like from her list. I'm a lyric person, it's always about the message before the melody or the catchy beat. Always looking for meaningful and inspiring things even then. Thinking about it now, I wanna ask...

Hey Aby, what happened to your ideologies?

Hmmm, I say this song makes me wanna scream OUCH!

2 Thoughts:

I love that song! Madonna is amazing!

hehe I know a lot of girls even back in the 90s like her. A friend of mine even had an intermission for school dancing Material Girl. 

Though I'm neutral about her because she's like Lady Gaga too vulgar for my taste that's why I love that video because she's not showing too much skin or gyrating and the song is so meaningful and soulful.

And hey I'm happy for meeting another fellow pinay blogger, gonna make dalaw your blog na =)

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