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Here's another story from revisiting my Alma mater (see "Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time.")

I actually major in extra curricular activities, minor in bumming or loitering around... haha. I didn't choose my course and I rebel by venturing into other things that interest me more like organizations, sports and people. Although I had to balance things out just enough to maintain my partial scholarship or else I'll be out of school for lack of money to afford a decent education.

My having a very photographic memory then make it all possible for me to have an easy breezy student life. I think I'm more street smart than book smart for I seldom read my textbooks though I love to read anything except those. I solely rely in common sense, class discussions and actual teachers' lessons unless I've been absent for a while and I need to catch up but then there's always my classmates' notebooks hehe.

This is actually my fave spot but before
there were piles of boxes and sacks of books cluttered here,
that's why I got the whole space on my own.
Plus a nice view...
But I am truly a bookworm, a lover of books. I love the smell of it and the texture. I love reading anything from newspaper, magazines, encyclopedia to billboards and signage or even vandals. I remember when I was seven years old any elder who's accompanying me walking downtown of Naga City was pestered that they have to wait for me because I was reading all the signage of the stores and all the written stuff in the street. But I don't think I've read enough. There's still a lot more to read... frustrating.

When I am alone in the school my hang out has always been the library. I went first at the second floor to read newspapers from back to cover (weird but I read newspapers backwards.) Then I stay for hours in a corner at the third floor of O'Brien Library reading books.

Sometimes I creep people out when I explain to them how I actually get almost perfect scores on test when they all knew that I never study at all. I actually have a story where I'm pretty sure that I pissed someone because of it. Well, not really pissed but I guess a teacher got insulted even though I didn't mean it to come that way.

It was examination week and my class for that day starts at 9:00am but as usual I was super late because of I don't really know why my scooter fracked up almost always during important days. (It was a very old scooter I understand that. It's a Yamaha V50 bought by my father in 1992 just imagine that and I went in college in 2001 - 2005 so yeah very vintage. But during ordinary days it's all fine I even drove it to Mt. Isarog that's why I am raging when it has to stop during very important occasions.)

My late sister with our scooter in 1992.

Therefore as a result I am 30 minutes late but then I know my teacher hated me already for being late almost every session. I had my tuition receipt but then my teacher wanted a permit. I paid my tuition as early as possible when permits weren't release yet so was a receipt enough? No. Oh, ok.

I went back to the cashier and as usual I have to fall in line. I almost wanted to just go home. The buildings aren't that closed enough and my classroom was on the third floor and I have to wear a hot skirt uniform in a very hot day because it is required during exam week and therefore it came along with a high heeled shoes, darn.

Got my permit and I rushed back to the third floor and I only have 30 minutes left to finish the exam, wow! And the insult was I even finish faster than some of my classmates and I got the highest score. Shoot me now but I am not bluffing or saying this because I have a big head and boasting. It's the frakkin' truth. I was even surprise too, one mistake, not bad for a 30-minute time frame.

But I'm still disappointed because I miss the easiest question and it's all because I was absent the day it was discussed, darn!

How it actually happened? Photographic memory. When I am taking a test it's like I have a big manuscript or notebook all written in the board. I can actually remember where it was exactly written in the board when it was discussed or on what part of my classmates notebook or book I've read it. It's like I'm scanning things in my brain for stock memories. Besides for that particular exam the teacher used the same questions given in the previous quizzes and used a sort of code in the answers. That's why once I figured the pattern for the answers it's a lot easier to choose the correct answers.

I wish I still have that photographic memory now. My gadgets ruined it especially my laptop. I rely heavily to its memory rather than my own. I felt like a gadget too, thinking I've no more disk space and I have better things to fill my memories than educational facts. But somehow it still work with certain things that's why I stop watching scary and disgusting things because it gets stuck in my head like forever that sometimes I can't even manage to close my eyes even in the shower. Yeah, that's how bad I get scared though I like the suspense of horror movies yet it's the aftermath that I can't handle well.

Photographic memory + vivid imagination = disaster and paranoia

So better drop it.

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Hi Kristina! You amaze me with your writing, so natural. I'll not surprise if one day you'll be successful.

Wow, thank you very much sir. That's the best compliment I've ever received so far since I started blogging. Sana magdilang anghel ka po. 

Thank you very much grateful for your taking time to read and comment on my blog. 

You can call me Kuya. I'm sincere sa sinabi ko. You have all what it takes to be successful in the blogsphere. 

Salamat po. Kuya, yey I got myself a big bro in the blog world. 

When I was a college freshman I got locked in the library late at night by accident.  My school had changed the library hours and I didn't know that they didn't make an announcement that the library was closing.  The lights flickered and then I was locked in.  Worst of all, I was stuck there with a boy who was too inept to call for help.  Well, if you're looking for the right man for a job, call a woman.  I called my roommate who called security to get us out of there. -Lola http://www.dharmakilleddogma.blogspot.com

Liked the descriptions of being a bookworm - could relate to it as one of my blog posts is about a old painting about a bookworm, in an old school textbook that I still have. Wonderful to hear about your gift of photographic memory! keep blogging !

Sorry to hear that you had a not so nice experience about libraries but I hope you still like libraries despite of that. 

Oh I would love to see that gonna check your blog now. 

Yes I think it's a gift and like all gifts it's also a curse somehow. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement on further blogging.  I will do just that. 

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