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As we where malling or store hopping in Iriga City last Saturday after a visit to Bigg's Diner we ended up discovering this very helpful feet protector at LCC.

FlexGel is another innovation from Burlington's BioFresh.

FlexGel Footcare Solutions!

FlexGel is made of unique formulated, extremely soft and stretchable S.E.B.S that helps absorb shock, relieves pressure and shearing force. It is highly stretchable in all directions and prevents pressure sore from repeat rubbing. 

FlexGel acts like a second skin as it has similar property of human soft tissue, so it is completely safe and does not cause allergies. It also kills germs that cause bad odor.

Protect your feet today, because a healthy feet is a happy feet!

Source: BioFresh Facebook Page 

There are 15 types of FlexGel available for specific foot problems and one may combine up to five kinds of FlexGel at a time.

Comfortable Insole
Heel Cradle
Heel Cushion
Arch Support
Forefoot Cushion
Forefoot Cushion (HAV)
Heel Wedge
Heel Protector
Bunion Protector
HAV Separator
Bunionette Protector
Toe Cap
Toe Protector
Toe Separator
Forefoot Cushion

We got these two:

FlexGel Comfortable Insole help relieve forefoot pressure,
heel pain due to long hours of standing and walking.
You apply it underneath the plantar foot on the shoe.
FlexGel Forefoot Cushion relieves forefoot pain,
help absorbs forefoot pressure
and reduce the chances to have callus.
You apply it on the 1st and 2nd toe
covering the callus plantar forefoot
before wearing socks.
 My mum needs the insole badly because of a diabetes foot complications and I need the cushion so I can wear heels without my weight hurting my feet. The product description is all true to itself it really is very effective in absorbing shock, relieving pressure and the shearing force plus it's antimicrobial.

Now we can all wear our favorite footwear again and again minus the pain and the smell. Yehey!

I found out that there's SofiGel too, a foot care cushion that is invisible, ultra slim, safe and suitable for all kinds of footwear. I think that's what I need for sandals but I'm okay now with the cushion. 

For more info just visit burlingtonphils.com

And I'm extra happy that Ryan Bang is the newest endorser of the brand BioFresh... he's such a funny guy...

3 Thoughts:

I think I should get one of these too. I wear high heels everyday.

Yep it would be nice to pamper your feet and avoid injuries with these you may try the SofiGel they're more for heels. 

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