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I couldn't think of any better title than quoting Bertrand Russell's Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time”  for my yesterday's happening. I was supposed to attend a NO TO MINING IN PLALAWAN Signature Campaign but alas! the booth hasn't been set-up and therefore nothing to do but waste time.

Instead of being upset and start grumbling like an eight-year old I manage to focus more on positive things. I think this is what I do best for most part of my life, seeing beauty midst the disappointments. Yeah that other quote too which is becoming one of my favorites:

 "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain--- anonymous

So I did dance in the rain except it wasn't really rain. It was easy for I'm now the type that if I were stuck, let's say in Afghanistan I'm going to go sightseeing and  take it as a photo op and maybe learn and investigate or write about how to live the terrorist way or the Bin Laden way... hehe or take it as a good time to catch up on my reading.

Am going to break this story in a few blog entries for there just too many things to talk about so here's the first installment. Yay, am like J.K. Rowling now wahahaha, there's part 1 and part 2 and so on... (you wish aby!)

The question is will I get the same enthusiasm to continue this after another day? No clue but hope so, crossing my fingers now.

My visit wasn't really wasted for I am very much happy that at such a long time I'm back again in my Alma mater. This time I'm no longer camera shy so picture-taking it is! I've visited all my favorite places to hang out then. I was even amazed that a few people still remember me after six years of being a graduate, WOW! Yeah just Wow! I'm so amazed and grateful for that.

I'll share a few stories why oh why out of the thousands students who passes this gate years and years the guard has recognized me. Simply because I'm a frakkin' law breaker, oh ok don't be exagge just broken a few rules here and there... hehe.

I'm a notorious driver meaning I don't have a gate pass sticker yet I always manage to get in the campus with my scooter and off the speed limits. When I'm in the mood for some kicks I drive in places where scooters aren't supposed to be running. I used to park in a place where it isn't allowed (says who I've seen a few motorcycles parked there too?) and therefore my day almost always ends up in the guard house claiming my scooter that they've impounded. Then I won't do it for a few days then back to normal again after a few more days or I just managed to find another hiding place for my scooter but still inside the campus... bahaha.

Then there's the not in uniform days and wearing slippers almost all the time and the "I forgot my I.D." darn thing.

They say familiarity breeds contempt but it's the other way around for me. I get my way out of sticky situations because of regular encounters with these guys. Oops wait for dirty minds, everything was casual and  platonic (I was a tomboy then so we're all friends.) I didn't date or talk to anyone of them more than 30 minutes or so and the longest chit chat is still about me begging for them to let me off the hook for my no sticker, illegally parked scooter... hehe.

Then there's Tiya where I got my halo, rice with dinuguan toppings. Too bad she's not selling anything like that now because things are getting pricey and she couldn't afford to sell food that cheap now, according to her. But there's still dinuguan available and I had my taste of her lumpia once again and betamax in the next stall. Woohoo I felt like I'm college again. Too bad the sago drinks are no longer here too.

Somehow some things will never change like the warmth of people and the memories brought by everyone and the places we've been. But for the rest I guess...

... time really changes things and truly they just come and go.

It's all like a wheel, one day you're up, the next you're down.

Like a switch, one day you're on, the next you're off.

Like fame, one day you're in, the next you're out.

Like fashion, one day you're hip, the next you're sloppy.

Like movies, one day you're block buster, the next you're flop.

Like twitter, one day you're trending, the next who are you then?

Very inevitable.

Hay CHANGE, why is it the only constant thing is you?


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i miss being in school, and being a student :)

Me too. I wish I didn't cut classes that often and enjoyed the classroom set-up as much as I want to thinking about it now. But still my college life was a blast and hope yours too =)

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