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101 Truths About Me: #2 I laugh easily.

My personality may come strong and complicated but my source of happiness is plain and simple. Little things can make me laugh and smile. A good sometimes corny joke will do.

Here I list the things that can brighten my day:

* lasagna, any pasta and pizza (Italian Food)
* Adobo, lechon, sisig, palabok, goto, dinuguan (Filipino Food)
* butchi and fresh or fried lumpia, tofu, siopao (Chinese Food)
* Tacos and burritos (Mexican Food)
* Ramen and shabu-shabu (Japanese Food)
* Filipino Street Food (fishballs, barbecue, kwek kwek, isaw, betamax, taho, puto)
* Mc Donald's pancake and french fries
* burgers especially Stackers
* any salad will do especially Caesar salad and fruit salad
* Shawarma
* mushroom soup or any soup with garlic bread
* cakes especially Blue-berry Cheesecake
* ice creams (double dutch, Häagen-Dazs, Dairy Queen Blizzard)
* chocolates (Ferrero Rocher, Hershey's Symphony or Kisses with almonds and Macadamia Nuts)
* some junk foods (Marty's Cracklin Vegetarian Chicharon, Doritos, Pringles, Bread Pan)
* Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino, Mango Shake, Pineapple Juice and Zagu
* big fluffy white marshmallows toasted in a bonfire :)

  • Family

Even though we clash and argue still seeing them makes me happy and thankful for having them as my family.

* seeing my mom arrived home safe and sound from her daily commute to work. 
Now I get too understand why parents always require their kids to go home and impose a curfew because they worry about them a lot and I am experiencing that now especially if my mom didn't arrive on time... such a state of paranoia.
* seeing everyone in one room all noisy and chaotic
* exploring and trying new things with them
* seeing my mom lighten up her face while asking if her nail polish color is pretty or a new blouse, shoes or bags fit her well
* seeing her happy watching teleserye, some show irritates me but I enjoy sitting with her in the living room and teasing her that she should stop watching anything on TV because it is making her upset be it a news or a stupid character in a certain soap opera.
* eating her home-cooked meal until I am full and she would proudly say her dish is too delicious that I was able to eat it all and I'll just say "It was fine but I'm just too hungry that I can eat anything disgusting at that moment." Of course she knew that no one can make me eat anything that I don't like even if I'm that hungry I would rather sleep than eat and vomit it all in the end.

There are tons of things that I can list here but my blog cannot accommodate all so I think this had given you a sort of a preview to the whole picture.

  • Writing

Yes, obviously this is my solace, my bliss something that I hold on to besides my faith when everything seems out of control.

  • Reading

It spells adventures and fun and nothing like that couldn't make me smile.


  • Pictures

Another medium that takes me away.

  • Music and Movies

Need I say more?

  • Nature

God's gift to mankind, one of the masterpieces. A proof that we are love. Seeing the moon in its horizon is happiness already. Silence and tranquility with the wind breezing in an ocean and the waves splashing into the shore, it's noise and flapping feathers of birds... it's priceless.

  • Friends

They are angels sent from heaven. A hello would do wonders.

  • Babies

I always love kids and seeing one brightens my day in an instant.

Well, it's really impossible to have it all in this entry. Happiness for me is everywhere and I can say that it isn't about money for I don't have that but I am in my happiest state these days. It isn't about material things, having this or that and honestly the only luxury I can consider right now in my life would be having a laptop and a 24/7 net connection (in our present time this is already a necessity and it is true for me since my job is online) and a few trips in a restaurant once in a while.

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