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I know I had this mention in the post Happiness Is... but I wanted to add pictures for I am very much visual... :)

So here's my list of fave food once again...

  • Italian Food

my #1, northern-style would be my choice. I actually have a recipe of it though I use penne to increase the quantity when serving for family get-together since it is cheaper but they still love it even if it turns out like a baked-macaroni.  

any pasta will do

and pizza

  • Filipino Food

Filipino's best and I do have an original recipe for it. (another post) 

Full of cholesterol but still a fiesta won't be a fiesta without it :)

 A drinking session food buddy, something we call "pulutan".

I love the crunchy ingredients but I don't like the shrimp better have more tinapa bits or smoked fish.

Comfort food for the sick, it never fails. Biggs Diner actually has the best goto in our little  town but that's not what's in the pic :) 

Just see for yourself :)

This is something different, a mixture of different ingredients to play with your taste buds.

A Bicol delicacy, I always love since kid.

  • Chinese Food

Something that I love from Chowking :)

Something healthy and cheap and delicious. Pan-fry it or a little oil and serve with soy sauce, calamansi with garlic, onions and a little chili.

I can actually cook this too. Well, most of the my fave food I took some time to learn how to cook them since I can't seem to get the particular food just anywhere I go. But Geewan has the best siopao in Naga City for me.

  • Mexican Food

Both are messy to eat but still they are healthy, delicious and something easy to prepare.

  •  Japanese Food

I love noodle soup and this is my fave. Ramen House would be best 
but since we don't have it here Korean ramen in a disposable cup 
or simply Lucky Me will do and I use chopsticks for fun:)

Nanay Pining (my late grandma) and me on our first shabu-shabu meal
in Manila along with the whole family c/o Uncle Efren.
Veggie, veggie, veggie I don't love them but if it's like this I'll surely eat a lot.

  •  Filipino Street Food 

Something very easy to cook.

This is pretty easy to cook and I even know how to make the used oil can filled with water and set to boil which used as a cooker for it. 

  • Mc Donald's pancake and french fries

  • burgers especially Stackers

  • any salad will do especially Caesar salad and fruit salad

  • Shawarma
This is my fave kind Sizzling Shawarma coming from a local eats named Haidnhor.

  •  mushroom soup or any soup with garlic bread
Now, I'm missing Kart City and Nay's House in Tarlac. They have the best yet affordable soups I've ever tasted. For quick grab Campbell's will do.

  • cakes especially Blue-berry Cheesecake
I crave for Starbucks... yum!

  • ice creams (double dutch, Häagen-Dazs, Dairy Queen Blizzard)

  • chocolates (Ferrero Rocher, Hershey's Symphony or Kisses with almonds and Macadamia Nuts)

  • some junk foods (Marty's Cracklin Vegetarian Chicharon, Doritos, Pringles, Bread Pan)

  • Besides Alkaline Water... Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino, Mango Shake, Pineapple Juice and Zagu (drinks but decided to include it here anyways)
Zagu: Chocolate or Creme Brulee with extra choco bits :) 

  • big fluffy white marshmallows toasted in a bonfire :)

That's it... just seeing all of it in photos make me happy already :)

some photos from Google Images

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