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"Learning from the Past, Hopes for the Future, and a Life's Journey of making the most of what's at hand."


My hometown is a place called neverland
There I’ve met someone called Peter Pan
Have you seen his Tinkerbelle?
Oh, how lovely she is with her little wings.
Beauty at its best;
The forest, the fairies and all the rest.
Everything is a tune of hope
Everyone is a magical loop.
I am different in some sort of way
But they embraced me like I’m special anyway.
We hide and fly to the highest sky
Without anything to bother our playful minds.
Dreams are all it is for the ones who halt the phase
Grown ups they all become with a weary face
Wendy left the place to meet with someone else
Hook forgot it was a game and he’s just there to tease.    
Today, I am in a bridge
A string that draws me in the middle of a stage
Midgard and Neverland
I’m here in my own land.
Time has come I have to choose just one
I hate to go and hear it is done
Like there’s never a land
Such as Neverland.

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