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As I was able to take some time browsing for a few blogs I happened to notice that my blog compared to others  seem like a kindergarten's scrapbook. Mostly the blog designs are simple and the color palette is neutral and most use white as a background color, professional looking for professional bloggers. But I don't claim myself as one, I am just a blogger period. I just happened to like writing and expressing my thoughts in details with accompanying photos some of the time but still I know I needed to modify my blog designs to make it a little decent looking. Something that would say that the writer is on her mid-twenties and not a punky teen although I act more like a seven-year old according to them (OK fine, I do) modifying the design is the best I could do for now and about the picture quality... it kinda frustrates me that I still don't have a  DSLR up to now while I've been such an addict to photography since childhood. Well, that's something my family considers as luxury for I am the only creative soul in this area among us. So, I'll have one someday and I'm going to save for it, I shouldn't have waited this long to realize that huh?

And I just discovered recently how photo blogging is too tedious. It suck up my patience all down the drain but still all that process is rewarding after you see the final layout but still some of the photos are as stubborn like me, they don't want to stick to the rules and keep popping out in the wrong directions... aarghh!

Back to my blog designing: Considering all aspects, functionality, sleekness, quality, simplicity and uniqueness I opted for this new color palette. Everybody seems to have white so I like mine in black, it is simple enough yet  striking and intriguing. I was thinking of purple at first but it was to loud almost like a banner that's screaming my personality and I don't want that I want something that will still be me but in a subtle way and won't strike so much as a punky, melancholic college girl not that I am still in that stage.

Professional looking but with attitude so it is now. Well, that's just my personal view of the new design.

I wanted to try the neutral scheme too, basic white background and black ink but maybe some other day for redesigning a blog page is too much of a hassle. It takes too much time with all the color combinations, layouts, fonts and sizes preferences, plus adjusting the gadgets to have the same color scheme and yes the worst HTML.

I'm not the super techie person and my knowledge of some sort of computer stuff is just based from research and non-stop reading on the subject and I haven't had any basic tutorial or classes attended to learn them. I just do it all on my own. If there's something I wanted to do I just Google it and my patience and ever attention to details had paid off now I had removed the Blogger navigation bar on top of my site and it looks like just an ordinary website and not just a blog. And if you are going to click the colored words in every entry in this blog (they are called hyper-links) and I was able to made them in such a way that if you click it a new tab will open, that would be less hassle for readers since it'll be able to let them open another page but it won't navigate them away from my blog.

So what do you think of this new design? Pretty sleek or still crappy?

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