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101 Truths About Me: #4 I am low maintenance.

Why? Hmmm... because I am lazy... he he... yup I'm serious about that and I don't want too much hassle. I grew up having barber's cut hair and it never reached the shoulder lines because once it did my mom would bring us to a salon for it to be trimmed. So I was used of not combing my hair. My routine had been shower, towel (when I'm not in a hurry I don't towel), dress-up and go. When I reached college it was the same thing but I need to have a facial wash with me all the time to freshen up, no make-up, no powder just water and that wash. 

After college I had to put make-up on, a requirement for me to teach? Fine but lip-gloss was all that I've added. Don't get me wrong... I know how to put make-up in fact it was one of my hobbies when I was still a kid. I once wanted to be a make-up artist. I used to play with my mom's make-up but my interest isn't pretty make-up look I practice on doing the scary make-ups imitating the horror movie characters and my favorites are white lady and vampires. So I experiment a lot with scary and realistic looks but I know how to do pretty make-ups too since I used to join events in grade school like dance intermissions, story telling or majorette and one time when I was recruited to an event without prior noticed and it happened that my parents were out of town and all was left were me and my 2 sisters I discovered that I can actually fix myself up without a help from a beautician and people thought I've paid someone to do it and they can't believe it was just me. After that I do the hair and make-up of my sisters in any events unless it's very special then they go to a real make-up artist. But for events like Ateneo dress-up day, my youngest sister was very happy letting me fix her up, from choosing the dress to her hair and make-up. I used to trim her hair too and it wasn't that bad if it's just cutting the length and the bangs, I still do my own bangs from time to time anyways. I had fashion disasters before about cutting it too short but now I've learned from my mistakes and so I still cut my bangs when I feel like I want some hair sticking out my eyes.  (see All Doll'd Up)

But I actually had the time in my life that I enjoyed putting make-up on a daily basis with all those tedious routines that a friend of mine Lauren taught me. It had improved my knowledge about it since I haven't really went into any classes of proper make-up application but now I'm actually considering taking some classes about it maybe after my culinary classes, let's see. So I was in the Metro, a yuppie, independent and single and it was fun to try different things and along with make-ups I started letting someone touch my nails. 

I was addicted to Nail Art
I was almost like my mom and it got to a point where I felt naked without putting some make-up on and my nails seem so dull without polish. Going to a salon became a therapy like how shopping is.

Back to the province and I went back to my old self but at least a little better since I try to take good care of my skin now but to its minimal. The old routine is back with an additional Nivea Body Intensive Milk Lotion only if my skin is too dry so rarely and make-up (sometimes) when I need to leave the house but only these stuff:

I'm actually using only 3 of these things now: eyebrow liner, eyeliner and lipstick.
I used to love mascara but it's such a hassle and too messy and the lip gloss I just realized it's too sticky.
Still don't like to comb my hair and I want it messy looking so after getting tired of a rebonded boring too sleek hair I purposely ruined it by using too much shampoo and well I got what I'd wanted and worst it was too damaged that the hair ends curled up like it was dreads and CUT Encarnacion had actually told me to find other parlors because they can't fix it. Bad salon, they should be closed now such morons. Thess Image Maker only took 2 hours to fix my hair and so now I have to combed it diligently so it wont hate me again, I guess.

And for mani-pedi I go to a salon when I have ingrown if not I use the nail cutters and foot brush... that's it. Though I still want nail art for special occasions where I need to dress up.

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