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It's been a while since we had this blessed visitor. It has been going on (since I was in high school, I think)  in the subdivision where we live that at least every month She will visit each house for a day or two. But sometimes some households forgot to pass her to the next that it takes more than months before She showed up again to other homes. This in particular had been a year before we had Her again.

It's been too long since I last pray the rosary and myself amazed me that the prayers aren't along those memories that had been washed out by my decision to slack on remembering things. I'm very proud that I now knew I've memorized it by heart. The Hail Holy Queen and the Let Us Pray part but not so much of the Litany.

I just want to have this blog post as a reminder of Her visit and a way of another prayer to thank Her, celebrate Her presence and pray for Her maternal protection for our families and every households, every individual living or not. May the Blessed Mother protect us always.

The Miraculous Medal Apostolate

I pray for WEALTH in all aspect of our lives.
Wealth of guidance.
Wealth of happiness.
Wealth of health.
Wealth of peace of mind.
Wealth of tranquility.
Wealth of compassion.
Wealth of kindness.
Wealth of love.
Wealth of inspiration and creativity.
Wealth of all simplest and joyous things in life. 
May we all be rich men in our relationships and everyday life. 
May we shower Her the abundance of gratefulness through our own little ways.

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Thanks for sharing this! I still stumble over the litany, but I was surprised to know that all the other prayers are still locked in my mind and heart. Take care! :)

It is my pleasure to blog and share stuff. Nice to know you knew the prayers by heart. You said it better than me "locked in your mind and heart". That's what I was trying to say but I guess mumbling in writing is possible too in my case hehe 

What a special visitor!

Indeed, I feel more peaceful now having blessed by this visit.

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