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This is a subject or an area that I've been avoiding to tackle in my blog. I hate politics, No, I despises it and I don't want to dwell into this pit, muddy, dirty, soul draining world of greed and personal hidden issues. I have think about this, slept, analyze, slept again and after hours of deliberation I surrendered and my activist old self resurface.

I was enraged upon hearing this current issue and I started questioning again what is happening to my fellows to ever come out of these kinds of ideas while questioning myself if maybe I am the close-minded one seems I think most of the time differently from others and I've a constant weirdness meter or checker for not belonging into stereotypes → my mom. Did I told you before we are two very different souls, physically living under one roof but walks in a different world, mind-set and everything else.

I just learned 2 days ago that Cong. Salvador Escudero, a crony leads a campaign and has already gotten 204 members of Congress to sign the petition to have Marcos interred as a hero and transfer him to the Cemetery of Heroes (see The Philandering Greedy Marcos a Bayani?)

Asking my mom about it, answering with obvious annoyance for being asked early in the morning (sorry, my bad) about this, she simply said: "I don't care about it. It's all up to them." A friend, a former activist told me, "There had been reconciliation so it's okay." Followed by a question, "Have you or your family been directly affected by Martial Law?"

My answer is No. There's no one in my family that had been directly affected by it, maybe, nothing that I knew of. But even though I am still against this petition. I don't need to be the actual victim before I need to condemn bad behavior or any evil things. I am claiming to be an armchair activist, still a little subtle than most activist, I live my life, Yes, I do have a life and I will never be the type now (I guess, I've been almost way back in college) who will go to the streets raising banners or will hike and live in the mountains just so the government can hear my side of the story. No, nothing like that. I am more fond of Rizal's "the pen is mightier than the sword" though I opt more for Bonifacio to be the National Hero since he's more well-rounded and had been a one-man DIY hero and he is a writer too in case some are not aware of that.

What is a Hero then?

We can find too many definitions but the most ideal of these that I found are these two:

a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.

For me, a hero is someone that inspires you to be good, an ideal model of greatness, honor and morality. And no matter what we do the ex-President wouldn't fit that description.

"The petition is for him to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani... The prerequisite of which is that the person should have fought in the war ( World WarI and II) and should have been in government service. These are 2 things that Marcos did. It doesn't require a person to be rated whether he fought well or served the government well."

Alright, is that all? So maybe we should change the name of the cemetery into something else. For if it's all that there is behind the name "Libingan ng mga Bayani" I am 100% sure the one that coined the word hero or heroes didn't mean it to be just that and it sure means a lot more than that or why there is such a petition for this to bury him in there, for all I know the hidden wealth can always be use to afford even to make another cemetery even fancier and bigger than the Cemetery for Heroes. So why bother? Because for obvious reasons, it means a lot. Honor for the Marcos family and disgrace to all Filipinos whoever let this become reality.

(photo credit)

As I've commented on the petition page:

Declaring him as a hero will make us a laughing stock of the world. Our country had been well-praised for starting the people power movement and it was against this man. Now Marcos: a hero? It's like saying Hitler should be too or maybe even Osama bin Laden. tsk.tsk.

Well, I agree that we should move on now but moving on doesn't mean accepting what's wrong and making it look it is right just because it had been a long time. No matter what we've done, what's wrong is wrong and nothing can change that fact and make it right even time can't justify all Marcos' wrong doings. We can forgive him but it's insane to give him such honor and privilege to be on the heroes cemetery. It's like you would never let a criminal sleep with your precious ones and you will never put a tin can inside your jewelry box. Think about that...

If you have the same view help us trash this petition by signing here.

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Thanks for sharing this! And I also love your header!

Stopping by from commenthour!

I have to admit I was not familiar with this. This makes me mad too. A hero? I don't think so.

Hello, stopping by from the SITS comment hour.

Stopping by from SITS commenthour!! I think I married a hero according to your definition. I feel great about that!

Hey there! Visiting from Comment Hour!

I never knew about this! THank you for standing up for what you believe in!!!


My brother was in the Peace Corps in the Philippines during the early 80's. He was in Manila during Aquino's funeral. He never had anything nice to say about Marcos.

Heroes are not how the media describes them in my mind. A firefighter who goes into a building and brings someone out - that is a hero

People who pulled people from the tsunami are heroes




I've not heard of this. I do like your comment, "For me, a hero is someone that inspires you to be good, an ideal model of greatness, honor and morality."

Visiting from #CommentHour

Wow, you've definitely made me want to go in search of more information on this topic! You are absolutely right, there are many who were given and own the title hero...and they just don't deserve it!

Sending you greetings from #commenthour

Heroes are not how the media describes them in my mind. A firefighter who goes into a building and brings someone out - that is a hero

People who pulled people from the tsunami are heroes




Politics stress me out. This was a well thought out post. Love the illustrations you found to accompany your message.

Thanks, sorry just got to reply and visit your blog too today, been busy ☺

Your welcome, no prob. and I'm thankful people are loving my header ☺

Thanks for dropping by ☺

Too bad you're not filipino, we need those petition signatures but it's fine. Thanks for dropping by ☺

Wow, you must be one lucky gal. I've red your blog and twas indeed an amazing marriage relationship you got there. More power and cheers to true love ☺

Thanks Meg. I still feel I'm not doing enough, spreading awareness is the least I can do to help my fellows ☺

Oh, He must be really some tough guy huh? He was fine at first but he got too greedy that's why he declared martial law. nuf said I'm getting headaches just thinking about that part of our country's history.

Thanks for dropping by ☺

I agree @eileen, ordinary people can be heroes but I am pretty sure that Marcos isn't.

Thanks for the comment luv ☺

Thanks for the comment luv ☺

You'll just get headache reading about this topic... hehe

Thanks for dropping by ☺

Yeah me too. It gets to the point that I no longer want to watch news. It is a drag.
Btw that is the actual Heroes Cemetery on the pic, I found it in the net and vandalize it with my thought... hehe

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said... Saturday, April 23, 2011 6:24:00 am  

This is such an interesting post - and I love your description of a hero. Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you too for dropping by ✿

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