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On the on going corruption that's been happening in the Philippines and it seems there isn't a big fish that had been punished and sentenced to imprisonment maybe because of politics and connections and the last one just committed suicide choosing death after losing honors, tainting his reputation over alleged controversies. Now I don't know how we will be able to fix this, corruption seems to be a virus slowly crawling a person's veins one at a time and rooting there, growing as time goes by. Philippines just recently ranked #3 in the most corrupt countries in Asia and #3 in the world as the happiest just like ignorance is bliss. We know we are corrupt and we are happy about that, is that it? Haha. So how are we really going to cure that virus that had been eating up our system? Corruption doesn't exist only in the government, it is everywhere and even in school where we should all be idealistic and where we should learn all things moral, it's a pity it is existing there too. And I was so deeply affected and saddened to know the reality that even in SK (youth's election), as young as teens they are already practicing vote buying and dirty politics. I know April 9 was "Araw ng Kagitingan" and I just said from my last post yesterday that I am proud being "Pinoy" but I shall never say I am  patriotically blind. We will never fix a problem by denying its existence and hiding them. This is the truth and rampant corruption is the biggest hurdle why we are still a 3rd world country up to these days. Alleviating corruption should be everyone's battle cry and should start within one's self. Let us all prove to everyone what Mark Gosingtian produced in his T-shirts: "Where I'm from, everyone's a HERO." And I don't think heroes are corrupt, don't you?

How good people turn evil is an article I've found in Maria Ressa's blog, former ABS-CBN's head of news department. She had given in this video her speech for MSD entitled The Courage to Do What’s Right the thin line where you cross from being good to being evil in just one quick decision.

Definition of Evil

Here is the video. Kindly click Up Next after each video since this is cut in 3 parts...

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