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I had a good sleep almost 9 hours of real pure sleep after being 24 hours up and I was thinking of lying in bed for a few more hours getting more time to rest for I haven't done that these past weeks but I suddenly realized I forgot to post an entry yesterday because I've been busy fixing my blog design and html got me all crazy. So if I lazied up and stayed in bed it would mean 2 days of no blog entry and I just happened to promise myself that I'm going to post everyday if it is possible. So yes I'm deciding to be steady, I think you might have thought this post is about me going steady with someone, well, NO... that someone still haven't crossed my way (that is if there's really someone out there for me) but YES, "Going Steady" is about being committed in a relationship. And this is the day I'm having "sandugo" (blood compact, not with the literal blood of course), a sealed promise and friendship with myself being consistent. 

I used to be fickle-minded and still is but I'm trying to become steady now. I'm learning that fickleness is a thing that is only for youngster when you're hitting mid-20s it's not cute anymore. I can't afford now to have enormous mood swings and inconsistencies in my life because it bites back and stings, not so generous on forgiving my mistakes. The consequences resulting to quick shifting of choices aren't kind. You go back and forth, forth and back, circling and circling while time is running out. 

‎"Learn to enjoy what you do; rather than do what you enjoy. It is not always possible to do things that one enjoys. But if you learn the art of joyful living, even seemingly boring chores can bring you joy."

I got that from a friend's fb stat, I was searching for the author but I can't find the original source. And I agree with that. I know most free-spirited souls like me committed this mistake. I realized now that being fickle will make it impossible for me to enjoy things at most even if I love those things. Repetition and familiarity make anything boring, people say practice makes perfect, I say yes but practice makes it dull too and perfection breeds more discomfort as you aim higher and higher wanting to surpass what you've achieve more and more one goal after another. It is a good point of view to become an achiever but anything too much is bad. It will make you greedy and ambitious (ambitious is good but superficial, materialistic and power-hungered isn't.)

Consistency, it is. I am aiming for it. I am grateful that I am doing what I enjoy but at the same time I am learning to enjoy what I do. This will come handy during days that I don't feel like working or doing these things. I hope to live by the art of joyful living and I think it can be described in one word: "ACCEPTANCE." Welcoming it into your life and doing the most out of it by being happy of what you have and it will result to "CONTENTMENT." And I've always been a fond of Buddhist mindfulness and being a cynic makes it easier for me. But being consistent has always been a problem, well I am consistent on being fickle so it still makes me a consistent person right? Haha. Kidding aside having a variety of interests makes it difficult for me to be that consistent. One day I love this, one day I don't, I like this, now I don't then the next day I like it again. One more reason why I can't seem to figure myself walking down the aisle or else it will be a chaotic marriage life I'm sure I'll be on for a ride and I don't want that. I'm old-fashion when it comes to that, a hopeless romantic, dreaming cinderella, hoping for happy ever-after with divorce as the last thing on my mind. I didn't say I'm dreaming for perfect, I just want simple, normal and I know for sure that it would be happy most of the time, if not all the time and that's where "contentment" comes in and I'm good at that but never in consistency.

Yesterday was "Araw ng Kagitingan" (Day of Valour) and heroism and bravery is one heritage I am most grateful for being part of this country. Despite of all the bad things, corruption and all that I am still proud being "Pinoy." Today becoming a hero will not require you to be in a bloody war or hike in a death march, it's simpler but most difficult since you have to fight your own-self. People will not make a monument in honor of you but little things like being a good person, being a real citizen of the world not just for your country makes everyone a hero. And I'm starting my little contribution on Consistency, I realized I have readers and on my 3rd day on my 1st week of this blog I'm hitting 98 unique views a day and I know I'm making a difference by simply being me, blogging about my truths and sharing my little learnings on my life's journey and I feel guilty for not being consistent on posting entries. I know it's poetry month but I think people like my ramblings rather than my poetry but I am getting old and starting to mature I don't know how many things I can think of writing under this category: Out-of-the-BOX because I'm starting to be just like all of them. I'm confuse do I have to be happy about this or feel more scared? I'm never good in being normal, I fit well in eccentricity.

Maybe you've heard these:

"If you can't beat them. Join them" 
 Jim Henson 

 "Any 20 year-old who isn't a liberal doesn't have a heart, and any 40 year-old who isn't a conservative doesn't have a brain."

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