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I’m shallow for the deep,

I’m too deep for the shallow.

I sleep but never rest,

I eat but never really sure to digest.

I come to check what’s in my mind,

all I see is just a hollow ground.

You can’t be serious if you are dumb,

can’t be funny when you are numb.

I wear something tight

to know what’s right

and get loose

to forget what I have lost.

I crumble to pieces when I’m a mess

and pick it up when I’ve figured out the ways.

It’s always been like this

in the story of my days;

I jump out and scream

when I’m happy not just with ice creams,

I let out a sigh

when everything is all too high,

I cry and moan

when I can no longer hold on

but I can’t afford to lose hope

every time I get off the loop.

I’m going round and round,

circling my bound,

a usual incident

in my life’s natural stint.

(photo credit)
Reality bites?

It’s us who think and give its fangs.

It’s my mind that makes all the blur

It’s my heart that paralyzes the door.

It is I that’s making it work

It is I that can stop it short.

I don’t love to hate

I just love to think.

Don’t tell me, you’re still expecting to be cute

When you’re dealing with your thoughts?

I forget the world

when I’m traversing this fold.

I need to gather my strengths

to smoothen my lapses.

I got to have my wits

to defy my fits.

All I am is nothing but myself,

a fool standing up for her beliefs.

I talk to myself once in awhile

to check if I’m still alive.

Truth is, the sarcasm is all worthwhile

in knowing that I’m still alright.

I guess my insanity

wants to resign

but willing to show up

in case I need some back up.

We can’t be all too sane

to stay up in this jammin’

I hope this time we won’t fail,

Yeah, it’s a deal!

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Wow, that's an amazing photo. I'm visiting from SITS - thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Yup it is an amazing photo kinda scare me still but it needs to be there though it's not mine I got it from http://wallpaperstock.net/ in case you want to know.

No prob I love your birds photography and thanks for visiting my blog too ☺

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