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What a lovely present for easter though late for a day ☺

About 10:00 am Monday of April 25, a day after Easter my mom got this fellow in our bathroom. 

We didn't know how since we have screens and there's no way to get in the house but it did get in. And I thought maybe this is a gift straight from heaven for since we were kids we always wanted a pet and Papa had bought us twice little colorful birdie but our neighbors' cat had eaten them both the first night we had them. Thus we never had any birds after that but I was still wishing I can have one even today but well, not really too eager. It's like when it will come then it will come and that Monday was that day for me to have that wish granted. Thank God for that.

And we got this fellow a cute cage... uhm rather unique don't you think birdie? Well it is accompanied by a nice view too. I just hope this fellow thinks that too.

It seemed that she can't still fly so we put her in that Yes, it is an electric fan (the only thing we can came up close to a cage for her at the moment). Don't worry we no longer use that fan so she's safe there. 

I don't know, strange as it may seem but this bird had showed just right on time to accompany me with my sadness. Yes, I'd been down for the past few days thus my last post about it. But that night we can no longer find her. It was really weird for how can she be able to get out of a close electric fan and the rice grains that we feed her were all spilled on the fan's stand and the container was facing down.

But we had a proof that she'd been in that electric fan for a while.
During Tuesday morning I was awaken by a flutter of wings that seemed to belong to like something as big as a rooster and when I checked I saw her flying around the living room. When she saw me getting my camera she suddenly rest and I was amazed that it seemed she was posing for the camera. All day she was just hopping everywhere and she's not even scared of me for she walked on my feet and hopped near my things. It was like she's entertaining me for she knew I am so sad.

I was hesitating to name her for I'm scared to cling to her that early. Naming is a sign of taking responsibility and ownership and I don't feel like I am ready for that and that I have a right to do that. But late in the afternoon I found her lying on the floor.

I know this one looks scary even scary in real than photos.
So I turned her around to see if she's really already dead...

Thank God she's still alive.

I got really scared and I knew from that moment that I've learned to love the bird for that short period of time. So I decided to claim her my own and called her MYSTIK and I don't know but I think she's a girl.

Why Mystik?
For obvious reasons because she is a mystery herself and having her with me during my saddest moment was an enigma and the experience were all mystical in its own way. The last letter "K" was my choice for two reasons: 1 -- it's my name's first letter and 2 -- because I think it was a mistake that she had been with me and I'm sorry for the poor bird to have to get stuck with me.

The next morning my mom said she found her lying dead in our kitchen. I didn't really checked I don't know but the thought of it and even the picture that I've captured thinking she was dead already scares me even now. I don't know why she's gone that soon. 

Strange that the feed container is properly erected again but no one had moved it.
I ask my mom why so fast? She said because the bird is sad. I said I am too yet I'm still here. Can't I just go with her? Then she'd call me weirdo.

Goodbye Mystik, so long friend. You're indeed mystical. Sometimes I can't really fathom what is it with God? He'll send you a gift without warning and then He'll get it too without warning. Maybe I'm really never meant to have a pet after all but well, thanks for the experience though always quite short.

So if you were to choose would you rather experience something knowing that you won't have it forever or just forget about having it to escape hurting?

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