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With all my topics piling up I kinda decided I need to get organize and be systematic from now on so that I can fill-out all the categories of my blog evenly. Since I reformatted my blog's design I have categories that are empty as of the moment so I hope this new approach will work in filling-in the gaps.

So for my food section I'll start posting my very own recipes or my improvised/budget-friendly version  every first Sunday of each month. I figured it will be just timely since May is the Philippines' fiesta month therefore my first recipe post will fall on a Sunday of May 1.  I'm also thinking of a food feature every Sunday of a week. Good luck about this.

Monday will be a random week. I think something under personal categories. I don't know maybe it's weird but as of the moment after a food post I'd like to kick-off and start my week with a little about me just to check if I'm still alive... eh? Ha ha.

Tuesday would be my artsy day. Expect poetry, sketches (uhm, I have few problems with this now), photography or maybe feature artists works. Let's see about these.

Wednesday will be anything about fashion. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month I'll share something about my personal look. I can't have this a weekly post since it's difficult to find things for plus-size people and I don't really get out and dress-up much now.

Thursday is music day. I'll feature something relevant today or the latest songs and every 2nd Thursday of the week I'll highlight from my favorite music playlist.

Friday is supposed to be gimmick night but I know some are actually choosing to stay home to relax and take a break from the busy weekdays of work and I feel more into watching a movie so I'll have a movie review every Friday of the week. I actually have tons of new movies waiting for me to watch them stuck in my hard drive... tsk.tsk. This way I'll be able to encourage myself to watch them one by one now since I have to stick with this sched.

Saturday is free-spirit day. Anything goes so to speak whatever that comes out of my mind.


So here's my blog programming done mainly for me... hehe Yeah, to personally challenge and inform me on what to blog and to keep on blogging. But this doesn't mean I have to blog only once a day maybe more so we'll see.

Days of the Week
Post Categories
1st Sunday: original/reinvented recipe
3rd Monday: 101 Truths About Me
2nd Tues: Featured Artist
4th Tues: My Photography (attempts)
3rd Wed: Personal Look as a Plus-size
2nd Thurs: Favorite Music
1st Friday: My Favorite Movies
Anything goes
4th Saturday: Something Funny or Trivial

Yup and this is effective starting today. Whoa, I have a tough boss...  Who? ME!

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