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It's Holy Week and I don't know but "Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo" is always the first song that comes to mind. From what's happening nowadays it seems this is the perfect theme song for Lenten Season.

It seems Lenten Season had been very different. People were all like treating it as a "vacacion grande", well, it is sort of but with all the hype about those fancy vacations they seem to forget the real essence and meaning of the occasion. This is supposed to be a week of reflection, of penitence, and of changing our ways but it seems it had turn out to be a great drinking spree.

Old traditions are still here. Good? Sure but not until you hear what's beyond the stories now of events. The church seemed to start turning our religion into a big money-making business. Just take a look with the Easter Angels. According to older generation Easter Angels were chosen because of their health. The more sickly the kid, the more they're picked to be part of that event because they said it cures them. It was like they are offering their kids to HIM and in turn HE blessed them with good health.

Now? If you don't have much money don't expect your child to be an Easter Angel. It seems it had become a privilege for the wealthy. 

Pasyon. Passion of the Christ used to be a solemn prayer that are sung it is still is but people actually ask money from Government Officials for sponsorship. And in some areas it seem they're just making it an excuse for permission to conduct gambling events along with the reading... tsk.tsk.

What about those who let themselves crucified literally? Used to do it out of pure faith. Now? Purely fake. It seems some are doing it for the money. Foreign media had been paying these people for a scoop. (I've watched an exposé of this somewhere on TV, can't remember the exact channel but it was a full-length documentary about this issue.) 

"Season of Seasonal Faith" according to one of my friends' fb status. Truly it is. Because after this week those who have been crucified in the cross, done bloody penitence, the ones who went "Visita Iglesia," most of them (I am not saying all) they're going back to their normal life. Some will attend Sunday mass regularly but just like in the song after the mass they will go on with their old self. Cursing people, hurting others, lying, stealing and all the bad things that you can think of. 

I don't go to church now but I attend "Healing Mass" on TV. I don't consider myself religious now but I am very much spiritual. I still consider myself Catholic but not really hardcore. See I am supposed to give up internet for a week according to the Church's Lenten guide but I won't. I reflect everyday through my blog, this is my way of doing my faith. I pray and talk to HIM every moment I can and I don't think I really need to tell everyone about that. I am not like "Willie Revillame" I don't believe that I need to tell anyone whether I am a good person because for sure they'll know that on their own. 

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you're not."

---Margaret Thatcher.

I would like to use that quote changing powerful to being good or being holy or whatever that is. You don't declare it, you just accept it and go on with your life. It really doesn't matter whether people know or not it is what's in your heart and soul and my faith I believe is between me and my GOD. 

And one reason too. I don't want to be a parasite with HIM and I am very much sorry that at the moment I am to my mother. Forgive me for that. I treat HIM like my best friend. I tell all and never leave anything behind, HE knows the unedited version of my life through my prayers and it's not because I know I can't hide anything from HIM anyways but because I wanted to and I trust HIM.

But I am still praying that one day my eagerness in attending mass in church will return soon. It has been my habit not to attend mass when I am disturb. It's like showing up to your best friend's house and all you can say while talking to her is "Okay" and then "pardon?" for your mind is wandering somewhere else, isn't insulting? It's never my habit to show up when all I can bring to the table are problems. They say Loneliness loves company but not me. I isolate myself when I only spell trouble for it make me more guilty drowning others into my pit, it's just isn't fair.

I believe that to be able to achieve true happiness, 10% will be prayer and 90% is all up to me. I'm working on it. I don't know but I feel ashamed to go to church and ask for material things, I think I'm the one who should take care of it and do the work not HIM. When it materializes I know and I've promised I'll definitely show up in HIS doorstep to celebrate with HIM and to thank HIM for all the guidance. But for now please EXCUSE me I have a life to live and I'm just ain't up for pretenses. I won't do it half-heartedly and never inside of a holy place. I'm maybe blogging during your "Walk of Faith" or maybe sleeping while you are all up early for the Easter Mass. So yes I am not HOLY during your HOLY week but my faith ain't SEASONAL either.

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spooky blog post..hehehe

hayyyyy.. its a real thing..

Really cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine the other day :)

@kris10na.. I mentioned you on a post on my site.. http://yellowsplat.blogspot.com
hehe.. see ya there;)

@kris10na.. I mentioned you on a post on my site.. http://yellowsplat.blogspot.com
hehe.. see ya there;)

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Hope you achieve what you're aiming for your blog to be :)

kala ko ang sinabi mo "it's a girl thing" tig double check ko pati naalala ko si commercial... hehe

Opo I know it is a disturbing truth and I heard over the radio: Philippines is the only country that has all these religious activities retained that we even surpassed Spain on our dedication to the church and they said maybe it's being hypocrites and too traditional that are pulling our country down. Sensationalizing issues that aren't really much of importance and making it such big deals like getting all furious of the McDo fries commercial. It was removed yet priests who sexually abuse children instead of being excommunicated they just shuffle them on different parish assignments.

Too many things and I don't want to deal with all of those. Bless them anyways and may we all be renewed through this Lenten season.

Haha, you're pinoy too for sure you know these things.

Thanks you like my blog. HTML give me headaches fixing the design.

Your welcome and thanks to for dropping by :)

I can relate! You're a good blogger. Thumbs up! :-bd

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