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I've known the story and become a believer ever since but my faith was put to a test.
I realized I am a weakling; a Judas at large and a Peter in disguise. The moment I’ve met my trials and failed it I pointed fingers on you. Accusing you of abandoning me like how the owner of the footprints had indicted to you. Like them I had walked with you and promised to join you in your journey come rain or shine but what have I done? In a sudden twist of fate I flicker like a wave to the safest shore at sight. Guess what? Yes, I was safe but not save. I have kissed you goodbye in the loudest crow of the rooster in my life and it blew me out.
History repeats itself… yes and no. I’ve learned my lessons, besides I know for a fact that the prints had faded away to kiss the heavens now.

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I love that poem!

Me too! I'm curious who have written it. Maybe he/she have some inspirational poems written somewhere and I would love to read em all.

Sue, thanks for dropping by ☼

my mama love that poem!that's why i search for it...

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