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It's Black Saturday and I have nothing to do so I decided to play mix and match my style at polyvore.  (inspired by Maxabella)I chose the things that most resemble the existing stuff in my closet. I am eclectic so I find it difficult to actually choose from a lot of styles that I like but this one comes up as a favorite. Since I am also a plus size this set of clothing will be fine with me.

I'm always wearing flip-flops but Havaianas and Crocs aren't for me, my feet slips on them and breaks them so now I settle for something sturdy Manjaru, almost half the price and perfect for my sweaty (eew) feet. I prefer wedges but for this look I know pumps look better but I only wear them for special occasions and the last time I just realized I think I can't wear them anymore my feet's front were hurting because of my weight...aarrgh.

Uniqueness is a must for choosing my accessories but I only wear them on special occasions on a daily basis I only wear a bracelet that looks like that hinged bangle. It isn't really an accessory since it is a Quantum bracelet but it could pass like one.

For the large bag, you can only see me with a bag when I'll be on a trip or I have my laptop with me so I prefer it big. I need something that can accommodate  all my stuff, mostly gadgets.

I am more into monochromatic, classic cuts and pieces and I love vintage stuff and I'm into boho and rocker chic looks too but simplicity and ease are my priorities in choosing stuff but style attract me first then I choose clothes or my fashion stuff with these guide questions in mind:

1. Does it fits me? Meaning, is it flattering my figure or won't make me look extra heavy because I don't need that I am already on that part of my weight so anything that's adding visual weight is a NO, NO.
2. Is it comfortable? Can I sit on it? Can I move freely and won't look like robotic?
3. Is it fashion forward? Can it still be wearable after a few years? It is a bonus for me if it is unique but I try to look for classic pieces something that won't go out of fashion even for years.
4. Wash and wear. I am lazy so obviously as much as possible I want clothes that aren't much of a hassle so something that doesn't need ironing or pressing.
5. Value. Is it affordable? I don't go for cheap. I want my stuff to last so quality is very important for me. I want something with quality but definitely affordable.

So how is your fashion sense? What's your style? And how do you actually choose your stuff?

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