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Curious about the blog title? Well I always am whenever I read a blog. I wonder what makes the blogger choose that main title for their blogs or their pseudonyms, some are obvious but some are deeper than I can fathom and of course there's a big reason behind every catchy blog titles and strange usernames right? And mine is no exception to that. Fret no more because I let you in on a secret... shh :)

For this particular blog it took me 2 hours or more to finally figure out all the specifics to set this up correctly e.g. url name, username, blog title and all that stuff. I wanted this to be personal as always been with all my blogs yet this one is a little different from all my blogs because I wanted it to be welcoming too for other people. But this doesn't mean I write to please other people because I don't but I want to reach out to them too so I needed something that will somehow sum up my totality and will strike an impression of who I really am as a person to someone who will have the time to glance in this blog.

1. Purple_rhain has always been my pseudonym since I started blogging though I've signed my diaries and artworks as Garfield when I was in high school. (Well, that's another story for me to tell.)

For me purple has different hues and shades just like any other colors but it is more meaningful to my being as it is how I am, a variety of things. A light purple would be a lavender soothing and calm which reminds me of peace and serenity. A silky purple robe is for royalty that reminds me "everyone is special and deserves to be treated as kings, queens and princesses do." It is a color of uniqueness, to come up with purple you need to combine red and blue and a dab of white with a bit of yellow just to finish it off.  You need a little patience for the right amount so it won't come in too strong or too soft or too strange at all. And yes it is both a color of sadness and celebration. 

The reason is two-fold; both to represent penitence (violet is the somber color used in the Roman Liturgy during both Lent and Advent, times of preparation preceding the two major feasts, Easter and Christmas), and also because violet is a royal color, signifying the Kingship of Christ. Priests wear violet chasubles during Advent, a period of between 21 and 28 days before Christmas when Catholics worldwide await the birth of Jesus.)  
Rhain simply means my love of the rain. It was a flare during my college days when people like to add "H" into a name and so I've preferred that than having the chance to be mistaken as a fanatic of the Asian turned Hollywood actor named  Rain. 

So purple_rhain was the multi-faceted jolly hyperactive college student who loves to take a downtown stroll eating ice cream on a rainy day and feeling melancholic and inspired by her deep sadness to write poems and reflect about herself searching for her identity, essence of being and purpose in life.

And it goes with the blog titled PAIS ABÄIEA made up French phrase that I never knew if it's accurate. But somehow for me it means "Peace of the Depths" an unfathomable abyss which is serene. (Abby is a nickname of mine from high school which can be spelled a lot of ways and I relate its meaning to either Abbey or abyss both suggest solemnity and serenity).

2. Wandering Scribe - I always think that being purple_rhain is a gloomy one and I wanted to start anew for a blog. Finally had figured out who I am and break-free of the searching soul and wants to blog everything about her adventures in life since I had always been a traveler (not that grand world travels that you might think though). I am an explorer and I wander both in thoughts and in deed which makes it a perfect description of me. A woman who yearn for adventure and loves to write all about it. All happy? Not really as always there is a part of me that is sad. Wanderer is a euphemism of a Nomad someone without a home and I've always felt that way (not literally). Yes, family issues and stuff but I look at it now as blessings-in-disguise for I would never have learned to express and write as meaningful as I have been writing all my life without all of the experiences I've been through.

3. Afro_dyed_tee - Playing with a Goddess name eh? Unlike the first 2 I've took the extra time to google this to make sure no one has it yet. I was actually disappointed to know that purple rain is in Wikipedia and so as WanderingScribe. What's more disappointing is that fact that both are used by bloggers too. Someone goes by the name PurpleRhain, whom is good in art and Wandering Scribe is actually a famous blogger, a homeless woman who used to live in her car in London and was offered a job because of her blog. 

It took me only a few minutes to come up with this name. Though Athena is my Greek goddess,  Aphrodite is a name that has something in it as she is the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. More of saying out to the world that I am not just brains but I am beautiful too inside and out, something I've never acknowledge years before that. 

The name redefinition implied by the change of spelling is as simple as white colored black. 

Afro - a funky hairstyle it is but refers more to African-Americans. Black, yes they are and so were the first people who set foot in the Philippine shores, Aeta - our great great ancestors. 

Dyed - bleached or colored, something artificial.

Tee - is because I am a T-shirt girl. 

Afro_dyed_tee is the time of an  independent woman who lives alone in the Metro, works for a living, spends in a shopping spree for relaxation and writes every thoughts about living the good life in the moment. An ordinary woman who loves the color of her skin (how it always looks like a perfect tan from the beach). Who thinks that good things like white perfect shirts should never be artificially colored and clouded by gloom or negative things and despite all the hardships she went through she embraces life with glee on her face and live and shop like there's no tomorrow. 

However the original spelling I've entered and so remained the url and username for the blog is aphrodie_tee

4. Kris10na - finally I have emerged to my reality and we've met already after a long journey of soul searching. This is my real name however 10 replaces the 2 original letters since I share the same name with a lot of people. I can't be unique even with my own name huh? So much for opting for individuality. And yes it's because that's the only thing left available for a username in some of the sites. Nothing so catchy, not so unique yet the longest it took me to decide and pick it. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to figure out. Life's irony eh? 

I wouldn't dare define this in a whole (too early for that) for I am just beginning and this blog is a work in progress on how everything goes for me as I am nearing my destiny. And yes, I believe that life isn't about the destination, it is here and now, it is about the journey we take towards the end.

photo source: smblog.changemakers.com

P.S. For the elaboration of the blog's main title... see Speckles n Spectrum

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