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"Learning from the Past, Hopes for the Future, and a Life's Journey of making the most of what's at hand."


What comes into your mind when you first read my blog title? I want to know if it actually makes the impression I intended it to convey. Take a look beyond the words of my blog title...

Let's Talk About the Basic 
What I mean is how Dictionaries define the words of my blog title. I'll state the obvious even though I know people knew it but just to have the right foundation for my explanation a little later at the end of this entry.

  •  Speckle - a small mark of color.  From speck meaning a small discoloration or spot especially from stain or decay.
           Ex. a ripe banana with lots of brown speckles
  •  "n" - could be IN or AND
  •  Spectrum -  a continuum of color formed when a beam of white light is dispersed (as by passage through a prism) so that its component wavelengths are arranged in order. 
           Ex. beautiful scarves in all the colors of the spectrum

Whew... I feel like an English Teacher again. Doing this makes me nostalgic about my teaching job in a State College a few years back :)

Why Speckles n Spectrum?
This is how I actually view my life. A "tabula rasa" a blank space, a white canvas where each day I paint and  add a new color. It is a series of colorful and exciting events, some sad, some boring, some dark and yes some are wonderful that I cherish every moment of it.

Our life started plain and simple and as the days go it becomes complicated like a spectrum... colorful, so many facets and yet speckled by misfortunes and unexpected events. Nothing is really perfect in this world and trials are there to test all aspects of our being like a gem needed to be polished in order to achieve its beauty.

My life and my being is like that not perfect no matter how I struggle to splash beautiful colors in my canvas  I am insistent on accomplishing a beautiful painting, a masterpiece of a life that only I can paint. It's not about wealth or getting all the mundane things, nothing fancy or superficial. It's just just about having the freedom of being me, enjoying simple stuff in life and being better as a person and doing my part in the world through little act of kindness and reaching out to others. After all I describe myself as a dreamer of a better world and a dreamer for a better world but I don't stop right there just dreaming I take and act my part though there are some lapses on my end but I hope things are doing well most of the time.

And yes if all else fail I know I have Him to pick me up out of my misery.

So here it is... my final blog... my white light (faith & life), different experiences (spectrum), trials and mistakes (speckles)... a collection of everything about me, opinions, truths, interests, hopes and dreams... my past, present and future... a life that i proudly claim my own.

A canvas painted with different colors sometimes dark with stains not to ruin it but to add individuality.

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