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This was supposed to be my mom's general check-up but since the misfortunes of events that happened and she ended up in a hospital before this scheduled date she transferred it to me. So out of the blue with just 2 hours sleep, no dinner the night before (I forgot to eat), not allowed to drink or eat before the whole check-up so I just took a bath, brush my teeth and head out expecting to die in hunger in the long line that was awaiting for me and nervousness for I have a needle phobia even though I've been through all this process over and over for check-ups like this one today it seems it never fades and it always exist as always and today isn't an exception.

Uh, uh... this means blood!
This is how it should be... but it didn't work for me so we had it in a more painful way :(

I am pretty scared of needles but I was able to overcome this fear once again and had it more than the usual. The nurse actually spent several more minutes trying to find whatever it is that makes it possible to get the blood out switching from one arm to the other and finally decided she'll just try the needles in without finding that thing so it ended up me having that needle sticking in my arm and her pushing it in and out and after 5 more minutes she gave up and decided to try it on my hand and sure she got the blood she needed. Damn you vampire... you little blood sucker... hehe.

I was thankful that she had a pretty slick skilled hands because if not that would be cruelly painful for me. But this shouldn't be the case if only I haven't gained too much weight over a year and Oh, yup that was just last year. The big 2010 where I'd fatten up like a pig and it wasn't because like what always people think when they see someone my size. I don't eat much now compare to how I was a voracious eater when I was in college. This is a lot more of other circumstances rather than being a big eater.

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