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My eyes don’t lie

And I don’t hide.

They know everything

Inside and out

The worst and the best

That lurks beneath

Behind those eyes that seem to dull

And those lips that always smile.

My eyes don’t lie

And I don’t intend to hide

If you think I’m faking

It’s not my prob

I do what’s in my mind

I act what I feel is right

According to my instincts might

Whatever it is that saves my fright.

If I run

I’m taking my time getting used to a sound.

If I’m silent

It’s either I have nothing to say or I’m dreaming away.

If I say I don’t know

It’s either I’m confused or just too naïve to know.

If I’m playing

I just feel like playing,

I’m a child at heart

Who loves to scream and shout.

Jump up and down

Until my strengths are done.

If I talk sense

I’m in touch with my sensitive phase.

I’m serious when it’s time to be

I’m a creep when you are to me.

I’m still saying that I am a weirdo

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t need anyone, though!

I usually keep things to myself

When no one is around, I write for awhile

But if someone ask especially a friend

I gladly spill the details of my adventures within.

I’m not the type who’s fond of secrets

Just a clueless one that is learning to secrete.

If I laugh

That’s because I love to be glad.

I don’t cry in front of a stranger’s face

Because I don’t want a mercy grace.

For what is affection

If it’s all fool’s devotion?

I don’t hurt or hit

Not because I’m opting for a saint

But the boiling point has yet to be reached,

Wait ‘til the extremes and see that it’s not all speech.

Count me out if it’s a question of revenge

I’ll sign up if it’s about an important preference.

My eyes don’t lie

And I don’t like to hide

If you don’t know the things

Behind these lines

It’s because we don’t have a tie

We’re both strangers until this time.

Knowing only the things that we care about

And forgetting the things that are trivial for our sight.

My eyes don’t lie

And I’m too tired to hide.

I don’t have to explain every crumb

Coz everything is written and laid out for the dumb.

I know that my insanity insurance won’t work

If I have to run with megaphones saying that I’m a dork.

I guess it’s your perception that tricks and gives you lies

Coz this is not about my eyes.

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