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We have Racial Discrimination and I made up this Facial Discrimination thing. (I thought I made it up but as I googled it now... Oh, well it's a real thing and existing elsewhere... I'm always too late to realize things just like only learning the word SELF DEPRECATION and CONUNDRUM a few days ago... arrgh!)

I feel sorry that my blog is actually starting to tackle on negativity and all that but if no one wants to say a thing about the harsh reality and maybe I'll better do that. I am not the pa-sweet effect (maybe it's ok but in serious matters it won't work for me). I am the type who is not afraid of people's opinions, I'm more scared of my own opinions about myself since I am my worst critic (you can't imagine how downgraded I was in my own standards before and even now but I'm a little nicer to myself now so there's nothing worst that I can't take). I believe that every one of us has a bitchy side and mine is my being straight forward, no sugar-coating words and sometimes being brutally honest but I'm learning euphemisms to tone it down and backing it up with TACTFULNESS :)

I am the type of person that my friends go to when they want to hear the truth. I give them what they NEED to hear and not what they WANT to hear. I'm the one who will tell you if you are my close friend, you have halitosis and you need to fix it. And it's not delivered as a joke because it's an important matter. I prefer it that way than having to say it at her back. I hate backbiters.

Anyway, so here it is Why Facial Discrimination? I know it has been present since time immemorial and yet is not given any attention but just like racial discrimination it sucks big time. With all the superficiality going on now it might not be easy to live in a world that loves the beautiful and despises the ugly.

But sometimes who can't blame people for hating someone who is not good-looking but act like real pain-in-the-neck. I mean ugly people who are overly confident and has a lot of bad attitude. Ugly inside and out. Jackpot!

I have seen someone that posted this message: "Umasta lang ng naayon sa Ganda" (act only according to your beauty). It makes sense but it makes me think that only the beautiful people have the right to do whatever the hell they wanted to do. Isn't it discriminating? And what is funny about it is the one who posted doesn't even qualify above average in the looks department. Talking about getting her own dose of medicine. I wanted to ask then why are you posting that? Aren't you acting more than what you should? But I kept it to myself because we're not really close.

Pardon me if I seem to be a bipolar in this issue. I know it's wrong to restrict people's freedom of choices just because they are ugly but it seems a pretty good idea too since I hate it more when someone who is not that good-looking is acting over the top like a bitchy prima donna. It has more weight I think because you are already annoying even when you haven't done anything yet. Oops!

Overall I think whether you are that damn good-looking or not so much you still need to have a sort of decency, a take on what is wrong or right. No one has the right to do bad things no matter how high you think you rate in your looks. Yes, all of it just happened to be their perception on their self-image and maybe that's why that person had that guts to post that annoying message.

Now, I'm not even sure if I am entitled for this post too :)

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