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For those who think I’m bad
For those who think I’m a lad
For those who said I’m a snob
Or those who think I’m a slut
Bless you!
For those who said I’m smart
Yet talks to me like I’m dumb.
For those who believe I’m ugly
Yet never really know why, sadly.
Bless you!
Funny that everything comes too puny
Oh, I’m reacting badly
You see, I’m just making fun of your excess
And this is just my way to resist.
Easy, I’m not starting a fight
I somehow seem to argue when I write.
Assuming it is, and then what’s all the fuss?
I write everything I want even if it’ll hurt my paws.
This is just the rule of law
A smile is a smile for all to get through.
Patience is patient for almost all the time
but if it loses all thread a different word comes in rhyme.
All the things I’d like to say simply wrap up in an F and a U.
Bamboo sings it like everything matters even initials like these
True enough it’ll make sense when you hear me say it to your face.
There I blew it, the next minute I’ll be just fine.
The angst had been released; it’s my turn to give the pun.
I’m done making excuses to avoid hurting all at once
I’m tired of saying sorry for the song I’ve never dance.
You judged me like I’m a piece of gum
As if you have chewed everything I am
Now, I’m all too knowing and cruel
Just because I’m doing the things you started to fuel.
The way I’ve said it before,
I’m taking it back for more.
I am not just an angel with heavy halo that makes me bow
Sometimes the thread of patience forms a whip and whack too low for a cow.
Today, I chose to act something different from my usual luck
It’s nice to know that I still know how to strike
I’m getting even from the way you’re treating me, foe
But I’m too relieved now to make another stew
So bless you!

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