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Me 2006
As I was wondering why someone using myspace mobile ended up in my blog from a direct link when I haven't even visited myspace for a long time now so to check I reopen my account and found out that I've linked my twitter to it thus it's being updated through that. I noticed that a slideshow I made in 2006 consisting mostly my photos of my last year in college is still existing and working properly fine in the sidebar of my profile unlike in friendster it was a deadlink now. Excited to get a copy of that so I went to slide and I'm glad that I was able to open my account on it with a few tries guessing my email and password for it. And here it is now I thought it would be nice to have a copy of it in my blog. Bear with me with the photo quality most of these are taken through ancient webcam but that's totally new when we bought it worth P3000.00 in 2003 (of course) I haven't edited it this is how it was originally made, cute for a college but the pink bubbles are actually annoying me now, so tempting to edit it but Nah, it would defeat the purpose of it as a memento of how I was and what I was like those years. Now click to play :)

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