Speckles n Spectrum

back to basics seemingly-banal adventures of an eclectic modern muser...

"Learning from the Past, Hopes for the Future, and a Life's Journey of making the most of what's at hand."


Ages had passed
Potions had been perfected
Technology had emerged
Tis the 21st century
And I am left in the ancient past
Where I believe in fairies
Princesses with their knights
I don't have a single drop of royal blood though I am waiting for my knight.

I have dragons to slay
witches to cast spells
demons to conquer.

I do have abyss to swim
skies to fly
fruits to reap
But I don't have my knight.

Someone who'll risk seeing what is within
Someone who'll embrace my baby fats
Someone who'll caress my hair with all its tangles and frizzy ends
Someone who'll look at me in the eye and will accept everything I am and beyond.

Then one night as I woke up from a dream
I've found my knight.
In a place where I least expected it.
Standing right in front of me,
In a place I have refused to look.
Staring back at me in front of the mirror,
The one person I've failed to appreciate...

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