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Diabetes runs in the history of our family. My grandfather on my father side had been blinded and died because of complications, my father too, as well as his eldest sister and now my mom had acquired it and is now on daily insulin shots so that leaves me to be next in line and the sad part is no matter how you live healthy and do the right stuff it's impossible for me to avoid it since it is both hereditary and can be acquired.

I am still on the philosophy that "If it's your time, then it's your time" no matter where you are, what you do if you need to go, then you need to go anytime, anywhere and there's nothing you can do to stop it. So I still eat what I want and live the way I want it to be in the meantime. It isn't healthy for health buffs but I think it's healthy for my soul however a lot will oppose my view about it especially my mom but I prefer heaving a healthy mind for now my focus is there and exercise is the farthest thing in my mind right now but it's on my list to do but not yet for now.

Even though not my choice but I'm sharing a home with a diabetic so it means we need to live and share lifestyles and it includes being on a same diet most of the time. Well, my mom don't force me to eat anything I don't want and neither force me to do things but it doesn't mean I don't get a consistent nag about not eating healthy, not exercising and all that stuff.

But somehow I like what she cooks so most of the time I'm eating healthy because of it so yes I can say I'm in a diabetic diet somehow and that's good because I don't need to adjust much when I'm already there (still wishing I won't inherit it and hope this way I won't acquire it too.)

She had been planting and growing plants in a vacant lot in our subdivision and in a garden in the school where she's still teaching until now and we call it her mini farm-ville. From time to time we get our fruit supplies from those, she share a few to our neighbors and we keep enough for our consumption, bananas are the largest produce so it's the fruit that we give out the most whenever it's bearing fruits if it's not we buy it in the market...

(Mangoes are from Cebu included in my sister's pasalubong)
I'm glad that she's done with carrot juices and shakes because it taste disgusting. It was fine with apples but then she said apples had a lot of fertilizers so not healthy and it's too sweet. Now I'm glad that she made this shake yesterday...

pure mango-banana-papaya shake no sugar
Still a bit bland taste like hospital food but with banana bits it's pretty tasty already So that's what I learned in time... I just need to figure out little things, modify something or add a few things here and there so it fits my taste buds but for her cooking I'm fine with it no need to adjust anything it's delicious and I'm not saying this because she's my mom because I won't say that even if she is. After all no one can make me eat anything that I don't want. So the stir-fried vegetable with squid that came along with the shake, I've passed, No thank you, the shake will do. Maybe it's delicious but sorry I don't eat squids and this had been my alternative...

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