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I made this last Saturday, my own version of Spring Rolls or Lumpia. It could be fried or fresh but because I got lazy I just preferred fried. But I guess if I were a bit strict on healthy eating I'll choose the latter. Anyways, what's done is done so here it is another hearty meal except for the extra corn oil bleh. 

Speckled Spring Rolls (Cheddar Tuna Herbs & Sprouted Lumpia in Olive Oil with 3 kinds of Dips)

olive oil
red onions
iodized salt (to taste)
corn oil
molo wrappers

Pour Olive Oil in a heated pan.

Saute garlic until brown and add onions.
Toast the tuna for a bit then add sprouted and a slice of butter.
Let it cook for a few minutes while tossing it to prevent burning.

Let the mixture cool for a while and get ready to roll it with the molo wrappers.
Add cheese on top of 1/2 tablespoon mixture.

I used molo wrappers because it's what's available at that time
and 2 pieces of wrappers per piece of spring rolls  for it's a bit brittle for the Lumpia mixture.

Pan fry the spring rolls in Corn Oil.

Serve with any dips you like.
I have 3 dips here:
mayo with catsup
mang tomas
jufran sweet chili sauce

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I love this recipe, yummy lumpia, thanks for tips.

sarap naman nito....

Great blog, intereesting..

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