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It was a bit rainy that night and I've nowhere to go so I hang out for quite sometime in the Gazebo of Metropolitan Cathedral which explains the wet lining of the skirt... haha.

While I was busy taking these photos there was another photographer snapping a few shots behind my back. If only he didn't have a camera it could have been weird. But there a few more who were there and didn't.

I hate it when I wanted some "ME" time and people are popping out in the place where I'm chilling. 
I know I don't own the place but still I don't like nosy people who show up just to check 
what you're doing when you're just listening to music with your laptop on full speaker volume 
and taking snaps alone outside the church
unless they want to strike up a conversation that would be a lot better.

The rain had stopped and the wind started to blow my hair. 
It carries the name of thy faith and I've nothing left to do but be mesmerized by the beauty of the moment.

Come... sit a while and think with me.

Sometimes the wind whispers your name and I'm mesmerized...

blue metallic headband
kultura rose bamboo earrings
ethnic-patterned backless shirt
cotton full skirt
skechers cali sandals
butterfly large bag from dv

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