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Blogging in general has never been easy... 
but despite the odds it's always been fun 
though sometimes tedious when I'm not in the mood for my blah, blah, blah

People accuse you of being self-absorbed, narcissistic or vain though I'm a bit of it all... haha
Seriously everyone is self-absorbed sometimes and I admit I'm a bit of a narcissist but never vain.
I spend so much time a long time ago seeing my flaws in the mirror, I'm a different kind of Narcissa I guess.

This picture is ugly, I know.
If journal blogging invites too much ridicule what more is fashion blogging eh?
Especially for plus size women like me.

Someone said I promote obesity for being out and loud proclaiming I'm plus size.
But WTH not everyone can be Size Zero?
I'm just saying "whatever body you're in, own it and be comfortable with your own skin."
There's nothing wrong wanting to lose weight 
but since I'm still stuck with this I guess I have to enjoy the perks of being plus size... sarcasm bleh

Arts, Fashion, Aesthetics or whatever isn't superficiality if you don't obsess with it. 
I like simple things, I like to enjoy life and by enjoying life I mean celebrating every sense of it.
This is self-expression and creativity if you can't understand that not my damn problem anymore.
But I'll bet my 2 cents on this that my way of life is as simple as it can get.

Freedom... it is. 
My inhibitions are out.
I won't let anyone eat me out without a fight.
Life is what you make it.

Stand up and fight even if the reflection screaming at you isn't always looking as good as your best.

Twas Never Easy

Blue Pearl Boutique Oversized Boho printed dress 
Tiendesitas yellow bangle
black and yellow flowered ring
Ethnic yellow-gold earrings 
Rusty Lopez purple strappy sandals

I made this last Saturday, my own version of Spring Rolls or Lumpia. It could be fried or fresh but because I got lazy I just preferred fried. But I guess if I were a bit strict on healthy eating I'll choose the latter. Anyways, what's done is done so here it is another hearty meal except for the extra corn oil bleh. 

Speckled Spring Rolls (Cheddar Tuna Herbs & Sprouted Lumpia in Olive Oil with 3 kinds of Dips)

olive oil
red onions
iodized salt (to taste)
corn oil
molo wrappers

Pour Olive Oil in a heated pan.

Saute garlic until brown and add onions.
Toast the tuna for a bit then add sprouted and a slice of butter.
Let it cook for a few minutes while tossing it to prevent burning.

Let the mixture cool for a while and get ready to roll it with the molo wrappers.
Add cheese on top of 1/2 tablespoon mixture.

I used molo wrappers because it's what's available at that time
and 2 pieces of wrappers per piece of spring rolls  for it's a bit brittle for the Lumpia mixture.

Pan fry the spring rolls in Corn Oil.

Serve with any dips you like.
I have 3 dips here:
mayo with catsup
mang tomas
jufran sweet chili sauce

It was a bit rainy that night and I've nowhere to go so I hang out for quite sometime in the Gazebo of Metropolitan Cathedral which explains the wet lining of the skirt... haha.

While I was busy taking these photos there was another photographer snapping a few shots behind my back. If only he didn't have a camera it could have been weird. But there a few more who were there and didn't.

I hate it when I wanted some "ME" time and people are popping out in the place where I'm chilling. 
I know I don't own the place but still I don't like nosy people who show up just to check 
what you're doing when you're just listening to music with your laptop on full speaker volume 
and taking snaps alone outside the church
unless they want to strike up a conversation that would be a lot better.

The rain had stopped and the wind started to blow my hair. 
It carries the name of thy faith and I've nothing left to do but be mesmerized by the beauty of the moment.

Come... sit a while and think with me.

Sometimes the wind whispers your name and I'm mesmerized...

blue metallic headband
kultura rose bamboo earrings
ethnic-patterned backless shirt
cotton full skirt
skechers cali sandals
butterfly large bag from dv

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