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It's October already and I only got 2 entries last September. I kinda decided to slack on the blogging and switch on my extroverted side even just for a month. (I'll post something about that some other day.)

I know I needed to catch up with this blog since it's getting stagnant. First Sunday of the month and it means recipe time. I just made this yesterday. I decided to write the recipe now since it's still fresh on my mind since I'm already having trouble remembering the ingredients and procedure for all the other recipes I made for the past months, amnesia or dementia or whatever it is but am pretty sure it's because of aging haha.

Spectrum Vegan Pasta (Spicy Herbs & Mushrooms Vegan Pasta)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
red onion
black pepper
thyme (leaves)
rosemary (whole)
oregano (whole)
200 g spicy tomato & cream gourmet sauce
175 g spaghetti pasta Italiana noodles

How to mess it up:

1. Cook the noodles according to package instructions.
2. In a heated pan pour in just a little amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
3. Let the garlic turn golden brown then add the onion. 
4. Toss in the sliced mushrooms. (For non-vegans you can actually add some butter to add flavor and then some parmesan cheese.)
5. Season with pepper and salt.
6. Add the spicy gourmet sauce.
7. Pour the sauce to the noodles and add the herbs on top.

*For this particular recipe I used the 20 peso Merienda Pack of Del Monte which can make up to 4 servings which makes it more affordable instead of linguine. 

* This is a vegan recipe that's why there's no dairy or animal products used like butter, tuna, cheese, or milk. 

* The sauce isn't really spicy which is a bit disappointing for me. If you want to spice it up one-notch some hot sauce or Tabasco will do.

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The pasta looks very yummy! Definitely something I want to try.
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