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A friend asked me if I was crying a while ago and I wonder why?

Well, probably because of the last status I posted on facebook. It made me laugh... I'm just having tantrums it's too shallow for me to shed tears on matters like that. It's confirmed I'm still pretty much immature because I'm acting like a spoiled brat not getting what she wants and throwing fits.

I have a few friends not talking to me these past few days because of something I've done. (My faults vary from person to person. I guess I've been too naive and childish to disappoint quite a few in such a month of festivity... pesky me!)  I already said sorry but then how many times do I really need to say sorry to be forgiven? I'm not even sure if what I'm saying sorry for is the real issue because it's really too petty if it were. I thought we're friends but then I guess... that sucks... sigh =(

I said I won't go online on facebook but I can't help it I need gr8quotes and jokes to brighten my day so I'm just hiding haha and too bad I can't like and comment on stuff. Crazy me hayyy

Anyways I actually went offline for a few hours and it's a good thing because finally I was able to read the book my cousin gave me on my birthday (that is which on the above photo with pretty wrappings and all, so sweet of him =) I was supposed to read it yesterday but then I got preoccupied so today thanks to thy being moody I did it yey.

I started reading it about 4pm then at 10pm I was done. It is so inspiring and truly whiles away my time. I didn't expect it to be that leisurely to read. I thought I'll have to drag through the pages just so I can finish it. Surprisingly it was quite entertaining to read with a few bits of biographical stories of famous people like Oprah, Columbus, etc.

Destination Success is a book I know my cousin personally chose for he knows it's perfect for me or rather I badly needed it haha. I admit I needed the concrete realization from the book because I've been too easy go lucky for quite sometime now. Although I was heading there before I've even read this but still it's such a nice feeling to have read something like this with a very clear perspective about success.

It made me think what success truly means for me. My idea is just too vague and maybe too idealistic. Success for me is happiness. It's being with your love ones, having enough to get by everyday and a few of the whims, safe and sound, and doing what your heart truly desire.
But the book gives me more profound ideas about it. Success needs effort, diligence, perseverance, determination, and you have to sweat it out to achieve it. I know all of these stuff but for a while I'm not getting serious on the financial aspect of it because of some personal reasons (which is too personal to share haha)

Anyways, all of that will be changing soon because I'm getting tired being a subtle rebel.

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hmmm the title  of the book is really captivating and its good that someone gives that you. i mean, your cousin really wants you to become successful one.

reading is really a pleasurable and beneficial hobby especially if you like what you read.

Hey hoshi yep it is really a good read I hope you'll find time reading it too. I know my cousin is such a thoughtful one and I agree reading is always pleasurable, kinda silent but full-pack adventure that feeds my mind and soul. Haha now am sounding old and boring just saying that lol

It's a great book!

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dwight bain is a good author..

I can tell he is indeed because of this book but I haven't really read any of his other stuff. I'll check it some other days  when I have the time. Thanks for dropping by =)

Thank you for your honest writing.  I hope you get very much out of the book and practice what is in it.

Jon :-)

You're welcome. Sir, from the looks of it I think you're the rightful author of the book. Am I guessing it correctly because I'm overwhelmed by the thought that you're commenting on my blog about your book. It's really very helpful for smart and ambitious people like me that is just starting her way to success. Thanks much for the time.

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