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I just had my midnight snack again after a long while not craving for anything to eat in these wee hours. I'm back being a nocturnal being again these past few days so this is like lunch for me now but I don't plan to do it on a regular basis. They say it's bad to eat at night for weight and health reasons but then how about those people who treat day as their night and vice versa? Anyhow I've no idea how to answer that.

While having my midnight snack I got a light bulb above my head and thought of posting a sort of nostalgic stuff. I actually got this idea from a fellow Pinoy blogger named NoBenta who post anything he loves about the 90s. But hey I actually have a category called Reminiscin' before I even got to read his blog and his Balik-Tanaw entries. Yet I've to say I'm still inspired by his blog so now maybe I'll try to have Saturday as my flashback day. But if I can't help it I'm going to go down memory lane any day I like or maybe not... Good idea or let's just stick to whatever is up in my mind at a certain moment... haha

Now can you still remember the good ol' pancit canton days?

I first got addicted to it when I was in high school. It was my sort of comfort food. I had it 3 or more times a day depending on the mood: breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks again, dinner, midnight snacks and of course for pulutan haha.

I especially prefer the spicy kind and I used to eat it with cheese and then Jufran sweet chili sauce for the crackers. How weird is that?

I was still addicted to it when I was already working in Makati but with chopsticks... hehe


I don't know what's with chopsticks but it seems it's more tasty and appealing with chopsticks...


For now I'm addicted to herbs: oregano, thyme and basil so I added some to oomph the aroma, texture, appearance and of course the taste...


I'm no longer addicted but still it is as delicious as before and having it once in a while is still that fulfilling...
Now I'm ok with this combo.

So have you been addicted to any kind of food that you want to eat it almost everyday? What is it and how'd it go? Do you still crave for it once awhile?

2 Thoughts:

As a child I loved strawberries. One summer mother let me eat them as often as I wanted and as much. By the end of the season, my face would feel "fuzzy" every time I looked at a strawberry. That lasted for several years, but I love them as much as ever now.

It's good to know you still love them. I for some reasons need to reinvent it by adding condiments for me to enjoy it again, my taste buds are fickle too like me =)

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