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Today I am grateful for having a family. It's not perfect for nothing is perfect. There's cat fight once awhile, arguments, and conflicts but that's life and we're still here, surviving and still intact midst the trials.

I'd like to excuse myself for not taking much time about the title of this post. Well, it was father's day and Rizal's bday and Naga City chartered anniv, that's triple treat but on a personal note we only have two celebrations: Father's day and my cousin's bday.

I just came up with Double Trouble but it's a celebration albeit a fun one... haha I'm not making sense I know but well to enjoy life you don't really need everything to make sense.

June 19's manoy's 28th bday. He's just one year older than me. We all grew up very close exchanging summers in our homes and celebrating almost every occasion together. Looking back he's the first one to mature and to this day he's still the most spiritual. He gave me the guidance and care I needed during my down days.

He even had this offering just for his birthday.

The food's great especially the salad and grilled liempo, we had little nice family chitchats and Judge Caring join us in this celebration with few friends and videoke of course.

Life is good, indeed.

I'm slacking in this post...
                too happy to think straight and make sense...
                                                                            let's just chill =)

 Let's celebrate people when we still have them. Let's celebrate life while we're still in it. 

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