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I got bored yesterday so while watching Sucker Punch I just have to cut my hair... haha I felt like seven again. I remember the first time I did that my mother went berserk and punished me and hid all the scissors in the house.

Now I'm simply free to do whatever I want with my hair but given that it wont go way overboard or strange. Secretly, I'm dying to try out the skinhead look but I know everyone will scream NO. I can just imagine the look on their faces if ever I did that. Bwahaha! But then I'm too fat to opt for that so maybe dreads perhaps? Hmmm... not really my cup of tea for I already experienced having a hair that almost looked and felt like it and it wasn't a good experience.

So whenever I feel bored with my hair it's either I rush to a salon or resort to DIY. This time I just had my haircut rather trimmed last week but then I felt it's still boring  so I had to do it on my own.

Here it is my new bangs...

Pinoy joke:
What kind of hair explodes? 

My mother never noticed it in the morning because I know now how to hide it... haha But I think this is just okay nothing too weird or strange. I'm just waiting for my hair to grow up to my waist so that I can curl them. I wish...

I know this is a silly post but Oh, well I just need to be silly or else boredom will get the best of me and I won't let it rule over me so ciao!

So what are the things you do when you're bored? Do you ever get bored with your hair? Did you cut your own hair when you were little?

Update: 07/03/2011 9:43pm

Just saw this photo from an article titled 7 Summer Favorite Haircuts @ Instyle with this caption:

Deep Wispy Bangs

NAOMI CAMPBELL’S STYLE: One-length hair cut at the shoulders with soft bangs starting at the middle of the head. 

WHAT MAKES IT COOL: "Naomi is always at events and shoots doing different things with her hair," says her hairstylist Amoy Pitters. "Because this cut has no layers, it's versatile and allows her to achieve almost any style." 

WHO IT WORKS FOR: "This cut is great for heart and oval faces because it emphasizes the cheekbones and downplays the forehead," Pitters explains. "Be sure to go to a hairstylist with excellent cutting skills. There are no layers, so it's important the length is precise." 

Darn, I didn't know I was instyle... haha Oh on second thoughts I just realized it looks sorta Vanessa Hudgens' bangs in Sucker Punch, isn't it? Oh well how dense am I not to know it the first time I saw it, huh? 

Btw I'm just talking about the bangs please don't compare damn faces, I can't win in any ways when it comes to that... Oh-kay?

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