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Tis the season of graduation. An event of mix emotions happiness for you've finally made it passed your subjects; sadness for you're saying goodbye to your alma mater, your home for years and goodbyes to people, friends, classmates, teachers, etc. that you've been with for years of your schooling; fear that you are now venturing into a different world: for elementary graduates, high school it would be, for high schools college here we come and for college grads Welcome to the real world where everyone bites for real :) And yes along with all of these emotions is the excitement that a new world awaits for you to finally make all your dreams come true. Though you have to be prepared for the reality that not all of them will eventually materialize but hey, don't lose hope there's always something good waiting for everyone to happen and it will unfold all in the right time.

We had attended awhile ago a little celebration of a neighbor for a high school graduation and yesterday we had visitors coming from a nursing graduation too. So kudos to Mark and Bryan for a job well done and this event is making me nostalgic... darn! Congratulations Batch 2011!

Food, drinks, kids, pips, food, food, food...

Kalamay: c/o Chang... yummy, my favorite of all :)
Thank you for inviting us to this special occasion Ms. Vilma Furiscal. I haven't eaten anything the whole day so it was right on time to pig-out for dinner. LOL.

It's off topic but I got this after the party so I wanted to thank Ira for the pasalubong... chocolates straight from Canada...

This is what's left of it and I'm munching it as we speak; late midnight snacks to top all the eating spree for the day so much for my balanced diet. What diet? I don't have it in my dictionary. Shoot!

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