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" The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential your message becomes. In the battle to fascinate consumers, brands apply triggers, too. Volvo uses trust. Godiva uses lust. Fedex uses alarm. Apple Computers uses several triggers, most notably prestige and power. Triggers help companies sell products off shelves, persuade shareholders to invest, and convince key employees to stay."

I was able to stumble upon this fascination test from twitter. I think it's accurate though I was surprised that Trust is my dormant trigger, maybe my other triggers are just too dominant that it left that one so much behind. That's one thing I would like to refine and it won't be too impossible since I'm clearly on the right track doing the 3 ways to infuse it in my writings but I'm having difficulty with #1... try watch this vid and see why...


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Your primary fascination is LUST. (Nicely done, you.) Even without realizing it, you’re already instinctively applying this trigger when trying to persuade others. Your secondary trigger is MYSTIQUE, and your dormant trigger (the one you’re least likely to apply in your personality and behavior) is TRUST.
Once you understand your own unique combination of personality strengths, you can start to create more influential ideas and messages.
How to refine these natural talents for swaying opinion? Start by discovering your primary, secondary, and dormant triggers with the tabs up above, and check out the video over there on the right.
  • So lust is your primary trigger. That means you draw people closer with a warm and open style of interaction. You’re expressive with ideas, communicate well in person, and probably have a strong creative streak. Even when you mask your emotions, you feel passionately about your opinions.
    You’re intuitive with information, often making decisions based on gut instinct rather than cold intellect. While other personality types prefer facts, you’re more attuned to the nuances of attitude, design, and a certain indefinable je ne sais quoi.
    Lust is a powerful form of influence because it creates irresistible messages that overcome rational resistance. When you dial up your primary trigger, you have the ability to create messages that are extremely difficult to ignore.
    You’re remarkably talented in creating messages that lead to a powerful intellectual, physical, and emotional response. For instance, you like to share experiences with others, and in conversation, you draw people closer with body language and eye contact.
    By applying these natural strengths to your work, you can build warmer relationships and more trusting dialogue. And by applying to your ideas, you can create messages make people say, “I want that now!”

  • If mystique is your secondary trigger, you’re intriguing. Very. You make people curious to learn more, because they want to find out what makes you tick. You reveal personal information carefully, if at all.
    Mystique sparks an intense desire to know more, hinting at possibilities without putting it all on the table. By activating this trigger, you entice people to seek out more about your message.
    Because you reveal so little, people might have trouble knowing what you’re thinking and feeling, which can come across as cold. You might benefit from sharing your ideas more openly, and giving people more ways to engage with you. And, along the way, you’ll want to avoid sneakiness or mind games. (A delicate balance to be sure, but once achieved, you’re nothing short of mesmerizing.)
    Curious about your natural ability to make others curious? Mystique is delicate balance to be sure, but once achieved, you’re nothing short of mesmerizing.

  • One thing’s for sure: You’re definitely not boring.
    People who score low on trust tend to be thrilling, passionate, and intuitive. They live in the moment, and rarely plan very far in advance. As a result, they can be unpredictable, impulsive, and volatile.
    Of the 7 triggers, trust is the most difficult to earn, the easiest to lose, and the most valuable to hold.
    Perhaps you don’t need to sway opinion through consistency. Many people and brands, especially those unconventional few who delight in immediate gratification and avant-garde style, don’t rely on trust. However, this trigger comes with many rewards, so take a look at ways to increase trust in your message, without losing the excitement and edge of your other triggers.

"The question is not whether you're fascinating, but how. The F Score test reveals which fascination triggers you naturally apply, which others you should consider, and how to refine them to become more persuasive."

Based on national research in 
Sally Hogshead's FASCINATE

Clueless like me and want to know which triggers are you using to persuade and captivate? Go here.

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